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Man tried to electrocute dad on Thanksgiving – World’s Dumbest Criminals

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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Above, this stock image appeared on WRRV radio’s YouTube commentary of the Volusia County electrocution incident.

Thanksgiving is that celebration that Americans like to pretend drives them to appreciate what they already have, rather than coveting the inheritance they are yet to have. In 2015, a man in Florida attempted to electrocute his father over his will on Thanksgiving. 

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 This was reported by the Associated Press on December 1, 2015 out of Ormond Beach, Florida. Ormond Beach police state that then-81-year-old John Knudsen stated that then-44-year-old son John Knudsen held two black wires to his chest early Thanksgiving morning. The police stated that the older man passed out briefly. Yet, when his son left the room, John Knudsen managed to sneak out of the house. 

The Associated Press stated that John Knudsen the Younger was charged with attempted first degree murder and aggravated assault on an elderly disabled person. 

The electrocution incident reportedly followed an argument the pair had when John Knudsen the Elder told John Knudsen the Younger to “get a job.” The Associated Press referenced The Daytona Beach News-Journal as the source for this report. Local police put the day for the job argument as November 22, 2015. 

The New York Daily News also reported a version of the unemployed man’s attempts at electrocuting his father to death. The New York Daily News stated that John Knudsen the Younger only attempted to electrocute his own dad after he realized that he would receive the entire inheritance once he died. The New York Daily News then also states that John Knudsen the Younger waited for John Knudsen the Elder to go into the bathroom, and then stalked him inside. He approached him with an electric cord plugged in one place, and open wires exposed at the end. John Knudsen the Younger was well aware that his father had a weak heart condition and threatened to stop his heart with the electric shock as he stuck him in the chest with the live wires. 

John Knudsen the Elder states that he woke up after the initial assault and tried to calm his son down by talking to him for an hour. After that, they both returned to their bedrooms, and the startled old father grabbed up his revolver to protect himself. Once he thought that his killer greedy son was asleep, the older fellow made his way to Ormond Beach Police Department to report the assault. 

The irony of the fact that John Knudsen the Younger attempted to slay his father over his inheritance on Thanksgiving only grows when one examines Florida law. The New York Daily News pointed out that the entitled adult-brat child of John Knudsen the Elder would not have seen a single penny of the inheritance he was willing to kill for. The State of Florida has a “Slayer Statute” which prevents a person from receiving an inheritance from an estate if it is proven that they intentionally killed the person. 

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It was not determined on the record of any news outlet that covered this story initially whether John Knudsen the Younger had an attorney. He did not respond directly to request for comment. At the time of his arrest, the younger Knudsen’s bond was set at $70,000. Now, who would he have to kill to bond out? 

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