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Unwise to grow 734 pot plants near drug dogs – World’s Dumbest Criminals

By | Rachel Brooks

Staff | Telegraph Local 

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As demonstrated by Inside Edition, dogs should not dance with “Mary Jane”. It is a health hazard to them.

Location, location, location. To reiterate, location, location, location! It is of vital importance to place your business on adequate  real estate. As for instance, if you’re running a marijuana plantation, consider not planting it a stone’s throw from a police dog center. 

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Business Insider reported in 2015 a story shared from the Associated Press. In Vienna’s Floridsdorf district, a bountiful marijuana plantation was once in bloom. The trouble was, citing the Vienna police as the source, the plantation of more than 700 marijuana plants just so happened to share a neighborhood with a police dog center.

So, imagine the shock of it when one of the dogs caught a whiff of the 734 plant strong crop away in yonder warehouse. Police observed what the dog had observed and noted that a man was entering the premises with a hose. A spokesman for the police Roman Hahslinger interviewed with the Austria Press Agency. Hahslinger stated that the suspect__who denied any wrongdoing_was from outside of Vienna. Therefore, it was a possibility that the world’s laziest criminal did not happen to know there was a police kennel nearby. Not that anyone with a modicum of intelligence planning a massive drug operation would consider perhaps sweeping their district to get an idea of where the fuzz resides therein. Even a quick Google query might have sufficed. 

New York magazine stated that the police investigation didn’t end with the simple bust of 700+ plants of marijuana crop. The Vienna police raided the world’s dumbest apartment as well, finding 32 sacks of deep frozen marijuana in his possession. He denies having done anything. 

Newsmax also followed the story. There was also a bag full of dried marijuana at the apartment. The suspect was aged 27 at the time, citing Newsmax, but a name was not given. 

To put the enormity of the 27-year-old suspects loss into perspective, The Baltimore Sun reported a similar case in October of 2015. Over 700 pot plants were seized from an Eastern Shore pot grow in Chesterville of Kent County. This was  just two months before the man in Austria had his little hiccup with the dog problem. Furtherly ironic, a pit bull was left to guard this operation. When it was seized, and the police had taken the dog into Animal Control custody, the cash value of the big bust crop was placed at $1.45 million dollars. 

For the guy in Vienna, that means that his own stupidity cost him $1.45 million dollars. All that money that he could have saved, all those plants and stache he could have kept for himself, if he had simply thought of looking at a police precinct map, typing a search into Google, or even walking/driving his local area to see what happens to be around town. 

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There is a truckload more wrong with this story than meets the eye. One that stands out is the grossly indecent exposure of dogs to marijuana, which is a serious health risk to them, please see this piece by the Associated Press for more. 

There are many things that are unwise that dumb criminals do everyday. Planting an entire motherload of marijuana down the street from a team of highly trained drug dogs? It’s a living advertisement for the effects that the abuse of non-medically designate weed can truly have on ones last two brain cells. Partake at your own peril.

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