obama endorses biden presidential

Obama endorses Biden for 2020 presidential bid

By | Rachel Brooks

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Above, from Obama’s live feed official Biden endorsement, retrieved from Twitter.

Former U.S.President Barack Obama, after months of campaign sidelines, has endorsed Joe Biden as the 2020 presidential candidate on the Democratic ticket. This was reported by Fox News on April 14.

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Barack Obama released his endorsement video via his Twitter at 10:47 am on Tuesday, April 14. It was captioned as follows, 

“I’m proud to endorse my friend @JoeBiden for President of the United States. Let’s go,” 

Biden was Obama’s vice president and running mate through two presidential campaigns and terms. Obama has “stepped off the sidelines” as Fox News states it to support his former supporter. Multiple sources for Fox News have told the outlet that Obama would release an official video sometime Tuesday to announce his endorsement. 

In the hour that followed this report, the Associated Press also followed up regarding Obama’s official video endorsement of Biden which was still pending at the time of that posting. The AP stated that it was a natural endorsement, as Obama and Biden were “close friends” and became such from their two terms in office together. The AP also stated that Biden advanced in the Democratic primaries by leaning heavily on his former affiliation with the U.S. President emeritus. 

Within the last hour, The New York Times likewise followed up on Obama’s endorsement stating that Obama’s endorsement is now a way to “accelerate the endgame.” 

Obama’s endorsement will be vital to unify the Democratic party behind one candidate. As Mo Elleithee, the founding executive director of Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service stated to Fox News,

“Now that the primary season is over, President Obama can play the role of unifier-in-chief within the Democratic Party.”

NPR likewise covered Obama’s endorsement. Obama’s endorsement comes a day after Biden’s final competitor in the early election race, Bernie Sanders, also chose to endorse him. NPR describes this double leadership endorsement as a way to unite the frayed factions within the Democratic party behind a single candidate. 

The New York Post reported that Obama is actually the one who convinced Sanders to drop his presidential bid and endorse Biden. New York Post cited The New York Times and stated that Obama and Sanders had at least four conversations over the course of his bid. It was Obama’s own words that The New York Times was quoting. For it was Obama who stated that Biden, as he became the party frontrunner should now “accelerate the endgame.” This as a likely reference to the mathematical likelihood that the former Vice President would seize the nomination. 

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Early in the race, in October to be exact, Biden initially told CBS News that he wished to earn the nomination on his own. This appears now to have been a political strategy. Obama’s endorsement carries the weight of his former presidency. Obama has held his cards carefully in past elections. In 2016, he waited until Hillary Clinton was the victor of the nomination to endorse her, despite the fact that she was his former Secretary of State. 

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