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South Carolina Democratic Debate_Bernie Sanders is a front runner despite the heat

By | Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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The Democratic debates of the 2020 U.S. Presidential election continue to press forward. Tonight, NBC reports that Bernie Sanders_who currently leads with delegates_faced intense heat. NBC states that technically none of the seven candidates emerged from the debate totally successful, yet trends show Sanders will likely maintain his lead. CNN Politics suggest he may even win the Saturday South Carolina vote. The New York Times also stated that Sanders absorb the burst of heated debate against him and emerged as a front runner. 


NBC states that this was the first Democratic presidential debate since Sanders had “put a big target on his back” inferring that he would be a subject of future controversy as the race heats up. The Charleston, South Carolina debates on Tuesday night were described as often fraught. They were uncomfortable and chaotic. 

In earlier reports, citing NBC, Joe Biden stated that he would win South Carolina. He touted his “record” with the “black community” of South Carolina. He stated that he had created jobs for this community. That because the people were familiar and because his career was wrapped up in protecting civil rights and liberties, that he would be the choice. 

NBC stated in more recent reports that his opponents threw everything but the kitchen sink at him in this debate. They pulled up remarks from years gone by, and votes that he cast that they stated favored Fidel Castro’s literacy program, promoted socialism, opposed the Democratic agenda of gun legislation, and so on. He was asked if he would move the U.S. Embassy of Israel from its current place in Jerusalem again to Tel Aviv if elected. He dodged this question. 

Even so, Sanders maintains the current leaderboard for delegates. Politico reports that Sanders had the best night in that he was able to maintain his stance at the lead. Yet, Biden’s performance may have saved his failing candidacy. Politico analysts state that there was such a heavy amount of crosstalk in this debate that it was difficult to follow the consecutive thread. Politico’s consulted analysts called it a general “hot mess.” 

For this reason, there may be no cut-and-dry winner and loser of this debate. The Washington Post states that, as far as debates go, Elizabeth Warren performed the best. The Washington Post states that Warren’s debate has built off of contrast of herself like an opposing candidate to Donald Trump. The Washington Post infers that the other debates did not perform as well because the candidates appeared to be more focused on each other as contestants than as making the contrast between themselves and Trump. 


Debate performances, however, appear to be weighed down perhaps more by opinion than by the facts presented by the polls WGRZ NBC2 reported that Sanders has “learned “what it’s like” to be a front runner. WGRZ has stated that this puts a new strain on Sanders, who has spent his career as a politician on the margins and sidelines. WGRZ stated that  Sanders faced granular questions as the front-runner of the debate prior to Charleston. 

South Carolina will cast their vote on this debate on Saturday, citing WGRZ. WGRZ also calls this “new terrain” for Sanders and states that this is a break from his 40-year trend in politics as an “agitator” and an “outsider.” Sanders’ current success has been attributed to the enthusiasm of younger voters. 

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