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Over 500 cases of coronavirus reported in Chinese prisons

By | Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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Pictured above, South China Morning Post broadcasts inside a coronavirus plagued hospital last week.

The coronavirus continues to plague mainland China, non-discriminate to what parts of the population it targets. Over 500 cases have been documented in China’s prison system, the Guardian reports. This report came at the same time that a large spike in outbreak cases was documented from South Korea. 


Wuhan’s women’s prison director was fired in the wake of the virus, as 230 inmates tested positive for the disease. On Friday, South Korea also added at least 52 new confirmed cases of the Wuhan coronavirus, now known by the official name COVID-2019. 

The Hubei Daily updated the situation. Wuhan Women’s Prison had 230 cases test positive for the disease. An additional 41 prisoners at Shayang Hanjin prison have also tested positive. 

The AFP correspondent to Hong Kong, Xinqi Su, shared this statement via her official Twitter, 

“Hubei Daily: 271 prisoners in Hubei are infected with #covid19 among which 230 are in Wuhan Women’s Prison and 41 are in Shayang Hanjin Prison. 

Head of the women’s prison has already been sacked and an officer in Hanjin was given a serious warning for omitting contact history.”

Ms. Xinqi Su has also cited The Global Times which reported two other prisons with cases. There are 202 cases in the Shandong prison system and 28 in Zhejiang. Ms. Xinqi Su calculated that there were roughly over 500 new cases in three provinces. 

Within the last 13 hours, the Guardian reported that Hubei province is now adding in the prison system cases to its daily case tolls. Some cases have been doubly counted and so the counts must be conducted afresh each day to avoid miscommunications. 

Fox News likewise added some context to the scene within China’s prison system. The cases within mainland China have appeared to spike. This includes the prison systems. The cases in prisons have likely existed all the while. Prison officials across the board are being fired for failure to disclose the true number of patients within their systems. 

Fox News reports that recent tallies for the entirety of mainland China suggest over 76,000 people have been infected with COVID-2019. There have been at least 2,250 deaths. Doctors have likewise died as a result of the virus, including a 29-year-old doctor who was treating the patients. Peng Yinjua, a respiratory doctor, died on Thursday.

We can observe from the lapse in the numbers reported from the Chinese prison system that these are only the known official numbers. The numbers of actual cases of the Wuhan virus may be significantly higher than those stated on the known record. 


The South China Morning Post has reported that no deaths have come from those who are infected with the virus within the prison system. At 7:21 am on February 21 in China’s time, Hubei revised the daily numbers of cases to include 631 new cases including those reported from the prisons. The recent downward trend from mainland cases has also reversed as 118 further deaths have been confirmed. 

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