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World’s Dumbest Criminals – DUI suspect arrested in Van Nuys after slow-speed chase stretched into Kern County

By | Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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A DUI suspect in Southern California has been taken into custody following a “bizarre” slow-speed chase to Kern County, ABC 7 reports. The man was arrested Sunday in Van Nuys, California. 


The suspect was driving a white Cadillac. He led police on a prolonged chase down the 5 Freeway covering a good portion of ground in Southern California. The road-tripping chase began roughly before 9:00 pm local time on Saturday. It commenced when police in Montebello received a call about a “reckless driver.” Police in Montebello attempted to pull the suspect vehicle over. To no avail. 

When Montebello police were unsuccessful apprehending the suspect, the California Highway Patrol took the lead. The suspect driver and California Highway Patrol made their way onto 5 Freeway. ACB 7 reports that at least five CHP units were dispatched to follow after the suspect driver. The driver persisted across Southern California at a moderate rate of speed. He only reportedly went as fast as 40-miles-per hour. This as opposed to the erratic, high-speed driving that had drawn police to him in the first place. 

The pursuit stretched from Montebello to Van Nuys in Kern County. This is an hour’s distance by vehicle. It is a distance of 28.8 miles traveling via I-5. 

ABC 7 reports that the CHP officers deployed a spike strip in an effort to slowly deflate the suspect’s tires so that they would be forced to pull over. 

The driver continued north on 5Freeway and then proceeded into Castaic and the Angeles National Forest. The suspect was still on the run by 11 pm. He traveled through Kern County, northbound on Highway 99.

When the suspect doubled back, he was arrested in Van Nuys near Kling Street. ABC 7 did not have positive identification reports for the suspect as of February 17. 

On Scene TV reported that the pursuit lasted four hours. That means that it began at 9 pm and ended at 1 am PST between Saturday night and Sunday morning. On-Scene reports the make and the model of the vehicle as a white Cadillac ATS. The driver has been confirmed as a white male but has not been identified by name. On-Scene reports that officers deployed spike strips up to four times to stop the driver. 


Adding context, On Scene stated that the man resisted arrest when he was, at last, pulled over in the Sherman Oaks neighborhood of VanNuys, near Kling Street. On Scene TV reported that the scene of the arrest was more precisely near the southbound I-101 and Van Nuys Boulevard in Sherman Oaks neighborhood. There is an overlapping intersection in this area shared by Van Nuys, I-101 and Kling Street. The elbow of the approximate locations which comprise Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys, CA  is within a 17 minute and 9.6-mile radius. The area around Kling Street in this neighborhood is a shopping area and industrial area directly outside the residential area. 

The suspect dropped “several little white rocks” from his hands before he was tackled by a police officer. This suspect was believed to have been under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. On Scene reports that the consistent speed throughout the chase was 30-35mph and ABC 7 reported it only ever peaked as high as 40mph. 

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