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Academy Reveals Why Luke Perry Was Excluded From Oscars ‘In Memoriam’ Tribute

By Amelia Accardo| Contributing writer for  Telegraph Local

Fans of The 92nd Academy Awards Sunday night noticed the missing images of Luke Perry and Cameron Boyce in the yearly tribute of deceased stars. The viewers were especially annoyed because Perry’s last role in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was a Best Picture nominee. Just two days after the latest Oscars award show, the program finally explained why some celebrities were not chosen.

They explained that, “The Academy receives hundreds of requests to include loved ones and industry colleagues in the Oscars In Memoriam segment. An executive committee representing every branch considers the list and makes selections for the telecast based on limited available time. All the submissions are included on Oscar.com and will remain on the site throughout the year. Luke Perry and Cameron Boyce are remembered in the Oscar.com gallery.”

Luke Perry And Cameron Boyce Were Left Out Of The Oscars “In Memoriam” Segment

It looks as if the two weren’t the only ones left out of the ceremony’s short clip. Fans also noted actors like Sid Haig, Tim Conway, and Carol Channing were also missing from the Award shows’ featured pictures. Sometimes stars are missing from the ‘In Memoriam’ reel because some have bigger roles in film than others.

For example, Channing was definitely better known for her work on the small screen. She was also nominated for an Oscar in 1968 for her work in Thoroughly Modern Millie. 

Everyone’s favorite TV star Luke Perry had a similar explanation to why he was omitted from the Oscar’s reel. Even though he made his final appearance in the nominated Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, Perry was most famous for his TV screen roles as well. He was seen mostly in shows like Riverdale, 90210, and Beverly  Hills. People may also recognize him from the 1992’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer and 1997’s The Fifth Element. 

Perry passed away from a stroke at the age of 52. At the time of his death, he played one of the fathers in Riverdale. His last episode appearance was on April 24th. Fans can notice that the rest of the actors struggle without his character Fred Andrews on the show.

Even though the Oscars omitted Perry, fans can see that almost each episode of the latest season has paid tribute to the actor in their own way. Cinemablend.com reported that Perry was included in the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards’ In Memoriam segment.

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These few explanations make sense for other actors like Cameron Boyce. The young actor was mostly famous for TV shows like Disney’s Jessie and played Carlos in the Descendants trilogy. His short lived career included other films like Eagle Eye, Grown Ups, and Grown Ups 2. The star died at age 20 from a seizure.

But it is a trickier situation for actors like Sid Haig. He was a horror film icon for many and appeared in movies as well as TV shows. Yet he was still left out of the Oscars remembrance reel.

Luckily Perry, Boyce, Haig and Channing have  been all added to the Oscars  In Memoriam list of 2020 website.



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