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official memorial is planned for Kobe Bryant at Staples Center in Los Angeles

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There will be an official memorial for Kobe Bryant at Staples Center in Los Angeles, the date is set for February 24th. Kobe Bryant will have a memorial site designed out in front of the house that he once built. The memorial will include recognition for the 8 other victims of the devastating crash including Bryant’s daughter Gianna.

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The date 2/24 holds a special significance to Kobe and Gianna. 2 is Gianna’s number, and 24 is Kobe’s number for the second half of his career. The event, however, is set to have a tight time frame as the Los Angeles Clippers are scheduled to play the Memphis Grizzlies at Staples Center right afterward according to buisnessinsider.

Bryant’s Memorial

Being an unofficial epicenter of a makeshift memorial for Kobe, his daughter Gianna, and the seven other victims a great amount of mourning has occurred in the past two weeks. Vanessa Bryant, the wife of Kobe Bryant confirms that a memorial is to be held on Monday, February 24. This memorial has the potential to have a high emotional effect on all those affected by the tragedy.

According to the La Times, The memorial will be brief, as the Grizzles and clippers prepare to have their game moments after. It is a short memorial, and won’t amass the critical impact that Kobe has garnered in his passing. However, the significance of 2 for Gianna, 24 for Kobe and 20 for the 20 years Kobe and Vanessa were together combinate together on 2/24/20. It is a sweet gesture in the attempt to comprehend the nature of the tragedy that occurred costing 9 beautiful lives.

kobe memorial

The bodies of all of the victims of the January 26th crash are returned to their families by medical examiners.

Never Forgotten

Last week, LA mayor Eric Garcetti spoke to the LA news Channel ABC7 that Bryant deserves a public memorial within the city that he spent the majority of his life in.

“I think one message that I would say is this is not just about a man who was a basketball player, this is about a father, this is about a leader, this is about a filmmaker, this is about an artist, this is about somebody who was so much more than just how he was on the court,” Garcetti later told the Times.

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As we prepare for the memorial, it is paramount to recall the names of all the victims of the horrifying crash killing the 9 victims.

Their names are John Altobelli, Keri Altobelli, Alyssa Altobelli, Christina Mauser, Sarah Chester, Payton Chester, and Ara Zobayan, the pilot along with Kobe and Gianna Bryant.

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According to NBCnews, Bryant was one of the most influential basketball players of the late 1990s and early 21st century until he retired epically in 2016. Being so influential, he touches many souls throughout his career. Through his natural will and desire for hard work and being the best he possibly can be. Bryant inspired millions across the planet and his death left a heavy void in many hearts. Thousands of fans have paid their respects by leaving flowers, basketballs, jerseys, and other items around Staples Center.


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