Antonio Brown Arrives At Broward Jail After Incident In Hollywood
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Antonio Brown Arrives At Broward Jail After Incident In Hollywood

By Tommy Fradenburg

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local | See @tommyfradenburg

Former Steelers, Raiders and Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown turned himself into Broward County Jail on Thursday after police issued a warrant for is arrest as first reported by TMZ Sports.

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The 31-year-old Brown  (who was arrested after his trainer Glen Holt was arrested facing one one burglary and one battery charge) is facing charges of burgulary with battery and criminal mischief  for allegedly attacking a delivery truck driver in Miami, throwing rocks at the vehicle and attacking the driver in an apparent payment dispute.

Police say Brown was not arrested at the same time as Holt because he locked himself in his home and would not leave.

Brown’s attorney Eric Schwartzreich said in a statement to reporters, “I think it’s much ado about nothing. We anticipate that charges will be dropped or he will be acquitted of all charges.” He continued, “Mr. Brown’s not guilty of a misdemeanor, let alone a life felony.”

Brown saw a judge early Friday morning after turning himself into authorities around 10:oo pm. Thursday night. He was placed on a $100,000 band for his first count of burglary with battery. He also must surrender his guns and passport, wear a GPS monitor and avoid all contact with the alleged victim.

The judge also ruled he must undergo and pass a mental health examination and follow all ensuing recommendations.

This is Brown’s most recent run-in with trouble since his departure from the (now Las Vegas) Raiders before the start of the 2019 NFL season. 

His downslide began with a helmet dispute back in May of 2019. The NFL ruled the helmet he wished to wear was out dated and no longer safe. Eventually the two sides came to an agreement and the helmet issue was resolved.

But just as the season was on the horizon, Brown and Raider GM Mike Mayock got into a heated argument for which it was reported Brown would be suspended one game. The next day news broke he would not in fact be suspended after Brown apologized to the team and once again all seemed well.

Then later that evening, Brown and his team released a video including private phone conversations between Brown and head coach John Gruden, which the coach at first said he didn’t mind. But the next morning Brown woke up to a $200,000 dollar fine and a voiding of the nearly $30 million in guarantees in his contract. The result was Brown demanding his release, which was honored the next day.


So without playing a down for the Raiders, the former all-pro was released. Brown almost immediately he signed with the New England Patriots. But sexual assault accusations against Brown began to surface and after just one week with the team the Patriots released him.

On December 14, Brown had an unpleasant but nonviolent experience with police and one the mother of one of his children Chelsie Kyriss. Police were involved after they argued about Kyriss attempting to get to some of her possessions in his home. Brown was trying to kick her out of the home, but was advised he would have to formally evict her.

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Less than a month later on January 13 a video surfaced of Brown using, “very degrading language in front of his young children,” in a tirade caught on video.

Brown is currently in contact with high profile bail-bondsman Ira Judelson as he works on securing his release from jail.

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