‘It’s been terribly challenging’: Ozzy Osbourne reveals Parkinson’s Diagnosis in New Interview
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‘It’s been terribly challenging’: Ozzy Osbourne reveals Parkinson’s Diagnosis in New Interview

‘It’s been terribly challenging’: Ozzy Osbourne reveals Parkinson’s Diagnosis in New Interview

By Melissa Darling 

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local | See LinkedIn


Ozzy Osbourne, beloved frontman of the legendary band, Black Sabbath, has revealed his difficult health situation during an interview with Good Morning America. Osbourne was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease last February. “It’s been terribly challenging for us all,” Osbourne said.

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His wife, Sharon, and his children, Kelly and Jack, were also there with Osbourne while he spoke to Robin Roberts from GMA about the health battle he’s been experiencing. His health began to plummet after a fall during one of his shows.

“I did my last show New Year’s Eve at The Forum. Then I had a bad fall. I had to have surgery on my neck, which screwed all my nerves.” Osbourne, 71, is referring to his Dec. 31, 2018 show in Los Angeles. Osbourne also was hospitalized in February following complications from the flu, his wife said.

Osbourne’s health continued to get more complicated when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

“It’s PRKN 2,” explained Sharon. “There’s so many different types of Parkinson’s. It’s not a death sentence by any stretch of the imagination, but it does affect certain nerves in your body. And it’s like you have a good day, a good day and then a really bad day.”

It was Kelly and Jack who first noticed that something was not right with their father.

“It’s kind of become a bit of, I think, a role reversal for us, where we have to be like, ‘Snap out of it. Come on, we have to all admit what’s happening here,’ so that we can get over this. And it took a while for everyone to be on the same page,” Kelly said regarding her father’s condition.

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Despite all of this, Osbourne is still creating and wanting to get back to his fans. Osbourne announced in November that his “NO MORE TOURS 2” tour would be pushed back to October, even though it was originally scheduled to begin this month.

Osbourne has come out with “Ordinary Man,” his most recent single. “I wanna see my people,” he said “I miss them so much.”

Ozzy Osbourne admitted during the interview that spending so much time at home has been hard for him. “Coming from a working-class background, I hate to let people down. I hate to not do my job,” he remarked. “And so when I see my wife goin’ to work, my kids goin’ to work, everybody’s doing — tryin’ to be helpful to me, that gets me down because I can’t contribute to my family.”

“He’s gonna get back out there,” Sharon added. “And he’s gonna do what he loves to do. I know it.”

“I can’t wait to get off my ass and get going again, but you’re just going to have to be a bit more patient,” Osbourne said in a statement regarding his tour. “I want to be 100 percent ready to come out and knock your f——g socks off.”

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