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Red Sox Accusations Another Black Eye For New Englanders

By O.T. Martin
Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local | See My Social Media

In the same week that ‘The Dynasty’ likely ended for one New England sports team, another organization is under fire. The Boston Red Sox have been accused of sign stealing during the 2018 World Series championship season. This is not the first time a New England team has been accused of cheating, and not even the first time in the past month. The Patriots were famously involved in video taping the Jets’ plays, as well as deflategate. Although it is odd that accusations have come out more than a year after the series, the allegations tout the victory nonetheless.

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An assembly line effectively orchestrated the sign stealing. The Red Sox would use the video room to decipher the signs, which would be relayed to the dugout. After the information was in the dugout, it would be pushed to the baserunners. However inventive or complicated the system was, the allegations given are still cheating. Multiple Red Sox sources state that it was impossible to do in the postseason though. It was impossible to use in the postseason because there were camera monitors set up in the video room.

An unfortunate sequence of accusations have been launched at Boston teams in the past 15 years or so. The town that has been renamed ‘Championship City’ cannot seem to get away from blame. Four accusations in almost 12 years seem to all point in the same direction. However, one must ask, do the accusations keep coming because the championships keep coming? A stranger common thread is that the Patriots and Red Sox have been charged with cheating in situations where they probably did not need to cheat.

In 2007, the Patriots video taped the Jets’ sideline. The Jets’ went 4-12 that year. This year, the Patriots video taped the Bengals’ sideline. The Bengals went 2-14 this year. The Red Sox were clearly the best team in the MLB in 2018, and steamrolled the Dodgers 4-1 in the World Series, where they did not steal signs. It remains a mystery as to why these teams would cheat, and also why they would be accused of cheating in these situations.

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Now, the Boston Red Sox are not alone in this league wide breaking news. Apparently it is possible that multiple teams have done this in the past. The 2017 Houston Astros, another World Series Champion team, are being investigated as well. Simply put, it is too easy for teams to steal signs in the MLB. However, the good news is that it shouldn’t be too complicated to stop the cheating. Simply, the MLB cannot allow free communication from the replay room to the dugout.

In the future we will see if the Boston Red Sox are found guilty of these allegations, but regardless, this is another troubling development for the legitimacy of the greatest sports city in America.

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