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R. Kelly’s Girlfriend Charged After Chicago Trump Tower Fight

by Cathy Drummond

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local / see Refreshments 

The girlfriend of Singer R. Kelly was charged after a fight at Trump Towers in Chicago. And then there were two women claiming to be R. Kelly’s girlfriend when it came to blows at the Singer’s condo at Trump Towers in Chicago. This occurred on the Singer’s 53rd Birthday. January 8th.

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According to the two women were Jocelyn Savage and Azriel Clary. Both women it seems is the girlfriend. Probably what the fight was about. But it turned vicious. Both women (brutally) attacked one another. The Police was then summoned. Evidently these two live together sharing the R. Kelly’s Condo at Trump Tower in Chicago. Only one of them was charged.

The Chicago SunTimes reports that Jocelyn Savage was the one charged. The charge was Misdemeanor Domestic Battery causing bodily harm, according to Chicago Police. She later turned herself over to Police. She is due in court on February 6. The domestic portion because the two live together in the same Condo.

Reportedly a series of videos were uploaded to Instagram live depicting the violent encounter between the two young women. Jocelyn Savage, the alleged aggressor, is 24. Azriel Clary in just 22.  The brutal attack happened inside the Singer’s Condo at Trump Tower.  Savage had entered the Condo with another woman to pick up some of R. Kelly (things.) Clary was already inside the Condo.

Azreil Clary was upset because she felt used by the Singer. She said, “Rob, has been lying to all y’all . . . and he has people like me lying for him.” It would seem the other woman, Jocelyn Savage, took offense. Allegedly Azriel states that the other woman Jocelyn Savage told her that she was wrong about what she was saying. Reportedly that is when Savage attacked Clary.

After the altercation Ms. Clary was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital. She is listed in good condition. The person at the center is R. Kelly. R. Kelly is currently waiting trial at the Metropolitan Correctional Center. The Center is located downtown Chicago. The Center is a part of the Federal Bureau of Prison.

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Citing the Chicago SunTimes R. Kelly is facing a barrage of charges stemming from his alleged involvement in various criminal activiies. Bribery, Criminal Sexual Abuse, Child Pornography. Illegal Sexual Activity, in Cook County alone he is facing counts of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse.  R. Kelly is “facing a litany” of charges from at least four jurisdictions in three states. The Singer is being held without bond.

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