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Elizabeth Wurtzel, Author Of “Prozac Nation” Dies At 52

by Cathy Drummond, Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local / see Refreshments

Elizabeth Wurtzel has passed away. According to NBC News the acclaimed Author, Journalist, and Lawyer died from Breast Cancer complications on Tuesday, January 7, 2020. Elizabeth was only 52. The young and, some would say, brash Author wrote on such topics as Depression and Addiction. Topics other Authors quite possibly may have found not to be desirable subject matters. In other words, not in vogue. It can be said that Elizabeth Wurtzel is responsible for helping to pioneer these particular topics into the mainstream Conversation.

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Elizabeth Wurtzel wrote with a passion and a wry sense of humor few Authors would dare to touch on such topics as being depressed and being addicted. She made it matter to those of us who may have also experienced such things. Elizabeth is survived by her Husband Jim Freed. She will be missed.

Citing CNN Elizabeth Wurtzel, the Author, was considered controversial. She was also a Pioneer of Confessional Memoirs. According to CNN she believed the opposite of being controversial was being irrelevant. And she wanted no part of being irrelevant, according to the article. Because of her cancer diagnosis she became outspoken in the area of testing for BRCA genetic mutation. She did not know that she herself carried this mutation that ultimately caused her breast cancer to develop.

Citing Buzz Feed Elizabeth Wurtzel in her bestselling 1994 book, Prozac Nation: Young and Depressed in America, wrote on the subject of mental health. This book was considered (groundbreaking) at the time. It paved the way for other female Authors to open up about other sensitive topics such as Feminism. Which she wrote on as well. Topics not deemed to be very popular at the time.

In 1998 she wrote the book, Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women. Elizabeth received a $500,000 advance for this book. It is composed of a collection of Essays. In one such essay she critiques the women in the Democratic Party. Saying there are not enough pretty women in the Party. She would also later write about the fear of losing her own looks.

Also, according to Buzz Feed in her 2001 book, More, Now, Again: A Memoir of Addiction, the Author Elizabeth Wurtzel revealed her relationship to the drug Ritalin. The book demonstrated the way she could make art out of life. Elizabeth Wurtzel confessional writing has been described as (raw.)

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Some have described her staying power as a Writer as a testament to her truth. Her truth in writing. She just told it like she felt it was for her. Setting an example all Writers can find rewarding. Write on, writers. Elizabeth Wurtzel did. Not inspite of her condition in life, but because of it.

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