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Sydney Suburb Becomes Hottest Place on Earth As Temps Reach 120 Degrees; Wildfire Death Toll Reaches 23

by Cathy Drummond

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local / see Refreshments 

Sydney suburb becomes hottest place on Earth as temperatures reach 120 degrees, while the wildfire death toll reaches 23. It is hot in Sydney, Australia. The Guardian reports temperatures have soared to a record 120 degrees. Canberra, the Capital city of Australia, and Penrith, the outer western suburb of Sydney Australia, have both experienced some of the hottest temperatures on record. Saturday’s record high temperature made the suburb of Penrith the Hottest Place on Earth.

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Penrith, a city near New South Wales is more known for the slaughter of livestock, a major industry in the Penrith area, along with resorts and agriculture in general. On a sad note, according to Vox more than 480 million animals have loss their lives in the fires. The total size of the impact of the bush fires are comparable to the size of West Virginia.

Citing Encyclopedia Britannica, Canberra means ‘meeting place.’   And in 2003 it was the site of another fire which damaged Canberra and its suburbs. At that time 500 homes were destroyed, and several people perished. And now both Canberra and Penrith are in peril once again, along with other parts of Australia.

The current temperatures are the highest in about 80 years. The Australian Government’s Bureau of Meteorology records the highest temperature on record in 1960. The cause of this heat wave is manifold. Citing Vox, climate change, ocean circulation, and the drought in the last several years maybe the causes. These conditions have caused a marked increase for the creation of bush fires. Vox also points out this is the ‘worst fire seasons on record.’ The fires in Sydney have caused breathing to be compared to smoking 37 cigarettes.

ARS Technica explains that the (trio) of hot, dry, and windy are all playing major roles. Specifically, drought, ocean circulation, the Indian Ocean temperature patterns, and high temperatures. All three working in unison to fuel the current weather phenomenon. All this playing a part in the increase bush fires in Australia.  Bush fires being responsible for at least 15 million acres being a blazed. The California fire in 2018 in comparison experienced about 2 million acres being burned.

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Additionally, significant increases in bush fires activity and heat have caused Officials throughout Australia to issues states of emergencies. Emergency evacuations in area like New South Wales have also taken place. It has being reported that at least 900 homes have been burned throughout the affected areas. And being the most unfortunate is the loss of lives. The Wildfire death toll has reached 23.

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