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Surviving R. Kelly

By | Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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Surviving R. Kelly Part 2 The Reckoning has met its dramatic conclusion. It now leaves the public with many questions. Citing the Hollywood Reporter, this “explosive” follow-up to the 2018 Lifetime docu-series aired across three nights and met its conclusion on the night of January 4, 2020. The docu-series was the catalyst that set the wheels in motion for an investigation into the singer’s life. 


“We knew that we had to go deeper into some areas we couldn’t do before Part 1,” executive producer Jesse Daniels told the Hollywood Reporter. The follow-up features 10 survivors gone on record with their stories of sexual violence and abuse. There were more than 70 interviewees overall. 

Citing Complex, the updates of the series gave some clarity on the lives of Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage. They are two girlfriends of Kelly who were allegedly being held captive at the start of the series.

Also citing Complex, on the final night of Surviving R. Kelly Part 2, Jerhonda Pace describes how she has been working with the FBI to build a compelling case against Kelly. 

“I wanted Rob to go to jail so that Joycelyn and Azriel could be released,” Ms. Pace explains on record. The case that Ms. Pace contributed toward was a likely factor that led to R. Kelly’s arrest in 2019. 

Kelly has two Cook County cases he now faces. Eleven criminal charges counts go toward the case of Jerhonda Pace. 

The final aired episode also revealed a taped intervention Joycelyn Savage’s parents had with her in 2016. This was the year that she left college to pursue a romantic relationship with R. Kelly. Ms. Savage’s parents, Tim and Jonjeyln, have learned that R. Kelly gave Savage the impression she would be joining a female singing group. This group would have likewise been composed of Azriel Clary and Dominique Garner. There were also others that were not named. It is evident based on statements by Mrs. Jonjeyln Savage that R. Kelly has made frequent promises to the girls is involved with. He exploits girls with career intentions fixed on the entertainment industry. 

However, what the Savage couple has stated about their daughter is in conflict with what Joycelyn herself stated. In the original interviews with Gayle King of CBS, Joycelyn denies ever pursuing a singing career. The docu-series yet also includes interviews from Joycelyn’s songwriter/producer who corroborates the Savage’s account. One may wonder what this implies about the state of Joycelyn Savage’s mental health at this time. 


Also citing Complex, Azriel Clary has been reunited with her family as of December 2019. 

USA Today reports that R. Kelly’s accusers are fighting to free women from the abuse of the singer’s control. On-screen they plead with the young girls to leave the life they were, at that time, leading with R. Kelly in his Chicago Trump Tower residence. Both of the girls and Kelly gave interviews to Gayle King in March 2019 defensive of Kelly then. USA Today also states Joycelyn Savage is still at Trump Tower with Kelly. Yet, her time staying in that situation may be soon coming to an end as justice is pursued. 


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