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Carlos Ghosn escape from Lebanon updates

By Fabrice Pierre-Toussaint

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Seems as if more details regarding Carlos Ghosn escape from Japan is emerging. The plan that seemed to have snuck Ghosn out of his house arrest in Tokyo and across Asia to Lebanon via Turkey was at the utmost, quite complex. Involving the participation of a former Green Beret and the rumored musical instrument cases. Ghosn had been in Tokyo since he was arrested last year for allegedly breaking the rules  of his probation from his first arrest last year on allegations of financial crimes while being the Nissan hegemony’s visible face. 

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On Monday afternoon, reports of the President of Nissan’s arrival into Lebanon seemed to have trickled in. It is not surprising considering he owns a Lebanese passport despite being born in Brazil. According to Jalopnik, the first reports we saw described an escape by instrument case from the house he was being held in. Japan is strict with their customs and immigration enforcement, despite being an archipelago. Ghosn has stated that he organized his escape from Japan on his own,yet it seems as if there are more details. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, Michael Taylor, former Green Beret well known in the security contractor world for skilled exfiltration from sticky situations. Taylor allegedly prepared the plane used to remove Ghosn from Japan in Dubai, eventually flying there to meet Ghosn late Sunday night for the flight to Turkey and on to Lebanon. Apparently, Carlos Ghosn, packed into a case typically used for concert audio equipment, sneaked onto a private jet at an airport in Osaka, Japan, late on Sunday, according to people familiar with the situation, in what has become one of the corporate world’s most amazing escapes of bail. The plan allegedly began at around 2:30 PM Sunday, when Ghosn was spotted leaving his house in Tokyo alone, hat and surgical mask covering his face. How Ghosn arrived at Osaka’s Kansai International Airport, more than 300 miles from the Tokyo house in which he was being held remains unknown. Upon arrival in Lebanon, Ghosn released a statement on his escape. In it, Ghosn maintained “I have not fled justice. I have escaped injustice and political persecution. I can now finally communicate freely with the media, and look forward to starting next week.”  

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The new details of Ghosn’s journey to Lebanon come after Interpol announced that it had issued a “red notice” for Ghosn to Lebanon. Interpol maintains that such a notice is not an arrest warrant, it is an instruction to arrest and detain a suspect pending extradition. yet that does sound serious, even if it does not seem that Lebanese authorities will cooperate. As far as extradition comes in for Lebanon, Ghosn is safe. It also seems that several arrests have already been made in Turkey, where an investigation is currently ongoing. Among those detained are reportedly the pilots who flew Ghosn from Japan. It is noted that we should for Ghosn side of the story later this week on January 8th. That’s when we’re expected to hear from him at a press conference. Until then, more details should emerge.

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