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J.J Watt, Texans Defeat the Bills in Overtime 22-19 in a Thrilling Wild Card Playoff

Written By: Colby Wonacott

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local


Talks of Houston’s last year’s playoff disaster were starting to be brought up during the 3rd quarter. Down by 16-0, questions were starting to be asked. Will Houston be blown out once again on their home turf? Is the entire team going to choke, should head coach Bill O Brian be brought back next year?

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However, the 3x NFL defensive player and Texans’ captain, J.J. Watt answered those questions with his play on the field. After missing 13 previous weeks from a torn pectoral on October 27 according to sporting news. Just in time to be able to come back, Watt stole the momentum away from the Bills with a huge sack coming in the 3rd quarter. Watt and the Texans defense kept the hot Bills’ offense to only 6 points for the rest of the game. Immediately following the game, a reporter asked Watt if this is the reason he rushed back.

“These feelings, these emotions, these fans, these players, Dashaun Watson, this is the reason I came back”

Perfectly stated by the 9-year vet who played all his season with Houston. Watt continued to praise his QB, Deshaun Watson following the game. Saying that his teams only need an “energy and a spark, having a player like Deshaun Watson you always have a chance. ”

Offensive stats from ESPN

Through the 1st two quarters, the Buffalo Bills were playing extremely well. Specifically, the 2 year QB Josh Allen out of Wyoming. Allen creating long scramble plays and even catching a TD pass from John Brown. Allen led both teams in rushing yards with 92 yards on 9 carries. The Bills offense and defense looked like they were a serious team that could not be taken lightly. Even Buffalo’s secondary held All-Pro wide receiver, DeAndre Hopkins, to zero receptions in the 1st half. Bills looked like they were going to run through the Texans in this Wild Card game heading into the half.

Continuing into the 3rd quarter, a field goal from the Bills pushed the lead to 16. Since that field goal, Dashaun Watson became magical. A little over a minute to go in the 3rd quarter, Watson needed twenty yards to reach the endzone. He scrambled to the right while 2 Bills’ defenders engaged him. Watson muscled his way through those players scoring a TD.

Josh Allen was no short of spectacular himself. For example, Allen was under extreme pressure and kept being forced to leave the pocket and make plays. He was scrambling all around the field while connecting with players down the field.

The biggest play of the night came in overtime from Watson. Four minutes to go in overtime, the Bills were bringing heavy pressure. Bills’ safety Kevin Johnson came free and hit Watson from the back. Simultaneously, a Bills’ linebacker hit Watson from the front creating a sandwich effect. Watson unexplainably bounces off both and scrambles away throwing a pass to Jones for 34 yards.

When asked how he didn’t fall down Watson said this “Never quit…honestly,” while shrugging his shoulders. Bringing the Texans down to the 10-yard line, leading to the game-winning field goal.

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What’s next:

Texans: Now looking forward to the divisional round, either the Chief or the Ravens depending on the Titans & Patriots game.

Bills: Bills end their season but should have there hopes up for the future. Josh Allen I believe is a franchise QB with a top tier defense. Bills might be able to become kings of the AFC East of the future





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