World's Dumbest Criminal - Pickup Truck Stolen While Owner Was Robbing a Store
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World’s Dumbest Criminal – Pickup Truck Stolen While Owner Was Robbing a Store

By Cody Roark

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local | See The Dad of All Trades

In another installment of World’s Dumbest Criminal, we visit the fine state of Washington. It was there that a pickup truck owner has his truck stolen while he’s busy robbing a store!

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The disturbance, which took place at six in the morning, transpired on the 500 block area of E. Bruneau Avenue in Kennewick, Washington. The Kennewick Police Department responded to a call about possible auto theft. The owner of the vehicle explained to officers how someone made off with his red, 1992 Chevy pickup truck from the parking lot. The owner, in true World’s Dumbest style, left his keys laying on the seat. Naturally, the car thief found them and made a speedy exit with the truck.

Nevertheless, things only went downhill from there. Police reviewed the surveillance video and saw precisely why the pickup owner was left without his truck.  They observed as he scampered over to rob from the business across the street and a second thief scored an even more substantial prize. Hence, he was booked in Benton County Jail on a warrant, plus a brand new burglary charge. Talk about a burglary gone wrong in the worst kind of way!

Did I mention his pickup is still missing? That’s right, our want-to-be criminal has still not had his beloved truck returned. Being a World’s Dumbest Criminal comes with a price. In this case, it’s the price of a 1992 Chevy pickup truck.

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That wraps up yet another installment of World’s Dumbest Criminal! To all our potential candidates out there, if you want to hold up the local Kwik-E Mart, maybe lock up your getaway vehicle before masking up. Or better yet, don’t try to rob a store in the first place! Tune in tomorrow to see who made the cut for World’s Dumbest Criminal!

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