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Top Democratic Leaders Kept in Dark About Soleimani Attack

By | Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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The Trump administration was briefed on the Soleimani airstrike, but the Democratic leaders were not, citing New York Daily News. President Trump and his administration briefed “multiple congressional Republicans” on the US airstrike that killed General Soleimani of the Quds Force and al-Muhandis of Hezbollah and Hashd al-Shaabi. 


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) stated that he had been briefed on the airstrike by Secretary of Defense Mark Esper. 

Mitch McConnell spoke to the Senate floor. He said that the administration is arranging a classified briefing for key Senate staffers scheduled for Friday afternoon. 

McConnell also said,” I recommend that all senators wait to review the facts and hear from the administration before passing much public judgment on this operation.” 

The South Carolina Representative Senator Lindsey Graham has stated that he was given a head’s up earlier in the week about a potential Soleimani strike. 

However, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi were not briefed on the administration’s intentions. 

Chuck Schumer made the following comments regarding the decisions to exclude him from the airstrike brief: 

“I’m a member of the Gang of Eight, which is typically briefed in advance of operations of this level of significance. We were not.  The need for advance consultation and transparency within Congress was put in the Constitution for a reason because the lack of advanced consultation and transparency with Congress can lead to hasty and ill-considered decisions. When the security of the nation is at risk, decisions must not be made in a vacuum.” 

The decision has been made. There is no reversing it. Many around the globe now fear a retaliation war between the US and Iran, also citing New York Daily News. 


Citing NPR News, the Democratic leaders who were excluded now warn of a fallout from the airstrike. The Democrats raise alarms that Americans could face “dangerous repercussions” for “years to come”. They also renew their complaints that President Trump has used military force without informing Congress. The airstrike at the Baghdad International Airport marks a dramatic escalation of tensions between Washington and Tehran, citing NPR. It should also be noted that, as these recent airstrikes took place on Iraqi soil, this will escalate the tensions between the US and Iraq. As Connecticut Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy told NPR’s, Steve Inskeep.


“The worry here, of course, is that he is actually going to get more Americans, not less Americans, killed.” 

Steve Inskeep opened his radio show with the following statement: 

“As the moments go on, we’re learning more information about a US airstrike inside Iraq overnight that killed a senior Iranian general, Qassem Soleimani. A US official tells our Pentagon correspondent Tom Bowman that a Reaper drone, a type of unmanned aircraft, fired several missiles at a car in which Qassam Soleimani was being driven in Baghdad. He had just arrived at the Baghdad airport. And the United States alleges that he had malign activities on his mind.” 


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