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Mississippi State Fires Head Coach Joe Moorhead

by Cathy Drummond

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local / see Refreshments

Mississippi State fires it Head Football Coach Joe Moorhead. According to SI, after only two seasons an overall winning record of 14 -12 Head Football Coach Joe Moorhead has been let go. The firing seems to be mainly prompted by the school’s loss in this year’s Music Bowl in Nashville. Mississippi State loss to the University of Louisville 38 – 28.

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Mississippi State is in the Southeastern Conference. The SEC. There winning is everything. Composed of Powerhouses such as Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Florida, and until recently even South Carolina was one of them.  The SEC represents the Mountain Top for most in NCAA Collegiate Football. However, Mississippi State has become a boy among men in the mix of this Conference.

Now, Former Mississippi State Head Football Coach apparently was unable to take Mississippi State’s College Football Team to at least the side of the mountain it would seem to some. The SEC represents the Mountain Top for most in NCAA Collegiate Football. The Former Head Football Coach for Mississippi State had a tenure of only two years. He finished with an overall winning record of 14 -12.

However, the Nashville’s Music City Bowl 38 -28 loss to Louisville gave the team a losing record. Uncharted waters. This was Mississippi State’s only losing season since 2009. Losing. Apparently not a part of anyone’s equation. But predictably losing will occur. However, the Powers That Be in the state of Mississippi State Football decisions making decided to go elsewhere to find its Coaching talents, rather quickly it would seem.


The reported Buyout, according to SI, is around $7 million. And thus the Coaching Carousel begins yet again. Former Head Coach Joe Moorhead operated in a Conference considered to be a part of the Power Five Conferences. The Power Five in College Football is the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), Big Ten, Big 12, Pacific 12 (PAC 12), and the SEC.

According to the CBS Sports, Joe Moorhead has been the third Power Five Coach to be fired after only their second year to get fired. Joe Taggart – Florida State, 21 games, and Chad Morris – University of Arkansas, 22 games. Joe Moorhead coached a total of 26 games.

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In the case of Former Mississippi State Head Football there may have been other factors other than a losing record in the Coach’s final season that may have led to the Coach’s firing. There has been speculation that the Former Coach may have ‘had an eye’ on another potential Coaching position. In addition, there also may have been some lack of discipline concerns in the overall Mississippi State College Football Program. Reportedly 10 players were suspended for various reasons throughout 2019 Football season.

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