Knife Attack Near Paris Kills One, Wounds Several: Mayor Says
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Knife Attack Near Paris Kills One, Wounds Several, Mayor Says

By Marie DeFreitas

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A French man was shot and killed by police near Paris today, according to Mayor Vincent Jeanbrun. The man had gone on rampage with a knife in a public park. He stabbed and killed one person and injured two more. 


The attack happened near Paris in the town of Villejuif. Police closed off the area, and ambulances and police vehicles lined a road approaching the park, according to The New York Times


The two victims that were injured are currently being treated in nearby hospitals.

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 Laure Beccuau, the prosecutor whose office is handling the case, told reporters:

“The suspect tried to attack other victims during his murderous spree, who were able to escape.” 


Laurent Nunez, who is the deputy interior minister, visited the scene. She said, according to The New York Times, that the attacker would likely have hurt more people if police hadn’t shot him. “It was an extremely courageous act,” Nunez said.

Details about the attacker were not disclosed and there was no indication of his identity or motive.

Knife Attack Near Paris Kills One, Wounds Several: Mayor Says
Knife Attack Near Paris Kills One, Wounds Several: Mayor Says

Paris has seen several major attacks over the last four years, resulting in numerous fatalities. In 2015 alone, 161 people died in terrorist attacks according to CNN and multiple news outlets. This was the deadliest attack France had since in decades. 

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Just last year in October four people were stabbed to death at the Paris police headquarters by Mickael Harpon, an IT specialist working for the police, according to The New York Times. Prosecutors had said he, who was also shot dead by police, was under the sway of radical Islamists.

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