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Dow Drops More Than 215 Points After US Airstrike on Iran’s Top Military Leader Spikes Oil

By | Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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The Dow has slid down by 215 points citing the Market Watch. The Dow Jones Industrial Average or DJIA at -0.60% was down by 215 or 0.7% to 28,654. The Pentagon has confirmed that the US military has killed General Qassem Soleimani, who was the head of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Quds Force. The strike was aimed at deterring future attacks from Iran. Along with Soliemani, the secondary target al-Muhandis has been killed. al-Muhandis was the founder of Katib Hezbollah and was the deputy leader of Hash al Shaabi. al-Muhandis has been called Iran’s “man in Iraq” and was a “sworn enemy of the United States” citing Al Jazeera. The martyrdom of two major leaders in the Shia regime will severely complicate the situation in Iraq/Iran. This is what Market Watch cites as driving the markets.



Citing News 18, the US has evacuated all US nations from the Basra oil facilities following the airstrikes. The US Embassy of Baghdad has urged all US nationals to leave Iraq immediately. 

In the aftermath of the Soleimani and al-Muhandis assassination, Iraqi Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has declared three days of mourning. He stated that “a hard revenge awaits the criminals.”A sharp retaliation, further citing Market Watch, is expected to keep market participants “unnerved” in the coming days and weeks. 

BNN Bloomberg has details on Dow Jones Industrial Average (INDUDL: IND) below. These numbers reflected some of the lowest trends that of January 3, 2020 in the Dow Market. US market averages were comparatively different. Please refer to more than one estimation clock for the most informed decision making: 


General information:

 28,695.95 down by 173.85, (0.60%) Number as of 1:42 pm ET.

28,704.41 down by 164.39, (0.57%) Number as of 1:42 pm ET.

28,705. 81 down by 162.99,( 0.56%) Number as of 1:44 pm ET.

28,703.38 down by 165.42, (0.57% as of 1:48 pm ET.  

28,687.04 down by 181.76, (0.63%) as of 1:51pm ET. 

28,663.50, down by 205.30,( 0.71%) as of 1:52pm ET. 

28,662.56, down by 206.24 (0.71%) as of 1:54 pm ET.

28,616.02 , down by 252.78 (0.88%) as of 1:55 pm ET. 

Breakdown of the Dow components as follows: 

Boeing Co/THE 

Price, $331.82, Netchng, -1.50, Pctchng, -0.45, Total volume, 2,347,608.00. 

Caterpillar Inc. 

Price, $148.33, Netchng, -2.20, Pctchng, -1.46, Total volume, 1,405,797.00. 

Dow Inc. 

Price, $52.87, Netchng, -0.88, Pctchng, -1.64, Total volume, 442,583.00.

3M CO,

Price $177.51, Netchng, -2.49, Pctchng, -1.38, Total volume, 1,103,946.00 

United Technologies Corp 

Price $152.86, Netchng, -0.28, Pctchng, -0.18, Total volume, 1,491, 115.00. 

The numbers here are fluctuating rather frequently, within minutes of one another. As reflected by the readings above, some of the fluctuations took place within the same minute. The lowest it had dropped at the time of this report was 252.78 or 0.88%. 


Oddly enough, citing Barron’s, the riskiest oil stocks are “flying” post-Soleimani’s assassination. 

These risky stocks got a boost as oil prices spiked this morning. As of 8:18 this morning, Brent crude had gained 4% and was priced at $63. 64 a barrel. Barron’s stated that Exxon Mobil (XOM) had advanced 0.9% to $71.55. Barron’s states that the highest leverage ratios are driving these flying stocks. 

Please note that these were the numbers estimated by BNN Bloomberg. You can watch a comparative live clock on Markets Insider. At the time of this reporting, the average low for the Dow was down 215 points or lower. 

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