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A mysterious virus rises in the Wuhan region of China

Written by By Adonis Richards Contributing Writer |adonisinquiry.com.

A mysterious virus rises in the Wuhan region of China. As of now, Chinese officials are launching an investigation into the sudden outbreak. Pneumonia is suspected to be the virus in question. This mysterious virus in Wuhan is stirring chaos in China. This outbreak is apparently because of a seafood market which may link to the cases. A mysterious virus rises in the Wuhan region of China, and dozens are victims of this sudden outbreak.

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cidrap.edu reports that social media revealed a possible SARS outbreak. There isn’t any proof of the idea, however, reports say now 27 people are infected. 7 of those are in critical condition. Even though the seafood market is the primary suspect to the outbreak, there is no known source currently. However, the market does appear to be a catalyst. This is a scary thought, especially for how serious this outbreak is. With a lack of proof, speculation rises as social media is highlighting the incident in real-time.

Market had other animals sold

According to cidrap.edu, The food market also sells animals that aren’t of the seafood variety. These are birds, pheasants, snakes, and also the organs of rabbits and other wildlife. This new information shows a connection to the sudden outbreak in Wuhan. Unfortunately, nothing is confirmed yet. Luckily for the city of Wuhan that the Wuhan Institute of Virology is one of the top in the nation. This university connects with a variety of global research groups and researches upcoming viruses.

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The World health organization (WHO) recently had a spokesperson communicate with the Chinese government in relation to the current outbreak.

“There are many potential causes of viral pneumonia, many of which are more common than severe acute respiratory syndrome coronovirus,” the spokesman added. “WHO is closely monitoring this event and will share more details as we have them. ”

Previous outbreaks cause fear

There is also a fear of this outbreak that sparks conversation about previous ones. According to BBCnews, WHO criticized China for its lack of reporting on people infected by a SARS outbreak 18 years ago. This killed over 300 people in mainland China according to the source. It is because of this that China got rid of its health minister at the time.

Boarder screenings have increased in china’s neighbors due to the recent outbreak. However, This is in response to the outbreak as currently three travelers had been emitted to a hospital in Hong Kong. The secretary of food and health for China is involved. Her name, Sophia Chan. She is pledging transparency on reports for flagging related cases with a heightened surveillance system. As the days following, more reports will become public to eliminate speculation of the source of the outbreak and what the virus is. Apparently people have been punished for posting false information about the outbreak in China. Eight to be exact.


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