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Bay Area rattled by magnitude 3.9 earthquake near San Jose

By | Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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The Bay Area was racked with another earthquake earlier today, citing the LA Times. The earthquake was reported at approximately 11:16 pm Wednesday about six miles downtown from Morgan Hill. This is a neighborhood 11-miles from the southernmost end of the San Jose suburbs. 


Another earthquake, roughly magnitude 4 earthquake rolled through the Pacific Ocean. Some of the shaking was felt in Southern California. The area of Southern California was felt in Ventura County within a western Los Angeles County. 

Northern California earthquake Wednesday night was calculated to have generated light shaking in Morgan Hill and Gilroy south of San Jose. It generated weak shaking throughout the San Francisco Bay area as well as Oakland and Santa Cruz, Salinas, and Monterey. 

ABC 7 News also reported high surf advisory for the Bay Area coastline through 9 pm Thursday following the quake events. The report states the potential for 11 to 14 northwest swells and dangerous breaking waves in surf zones. 


As the sun rose on Thursday morning, people gathered at Half Moon Bay to watch the big waves crash along the shore. ABC 7 spoke to Wilson and Armani Gonzales, a local father and son who came to the beach to catch crab and stripers.

“They (the crabs and stripers)  only come out to the beach once, twice a year. That’s it. So I don’t know what we’re getting into right now,” Wilson Gonzales told ABC 7.

Others in the area have stated that this is not outside the norm for the region. ABC 7 quoted Trudy Donais saying,

“It doesn’t bother us. I will never turn my back to the ocean. I know better.” 

True to fashion, ABC 7 also states that swimmers and surfers were showing up in the surf not long after despite the advisory warning. If anything, some of the local surfers see this as a golden opportunity to get bigger waves to practice their skills on. Local surfer Adam Coopersmith stated that he was “looking forward to some time to relax, time to have some fun. Catch a ride.” 

Are the earthquakes in the area indicative of any serious quake activity to come? It isn’t entirely clear. While it is true that Southern California may be overdue for a massive quake, there are no direct predictions forecasted in today’s headlines. 


Curbed San Francisco reports that, while we may not know when we could have an idea where such a quake may occur. If it happens anywhere in California, the Bay Area is a safe bet. A “dizzying network of faults” laces the Bay Area. Some of them are hairline little faults. Faults so obscure that they are unnamed. Seismologists are only concerned that a few of them may cause severe damages. Yet, because there are so many, they may all contribute to a quake situation in the region. 

The largest of the region is the infamous San Andreas fault. In addition to San Andreas, there is the Hayward Fault, which connects to the Calaveras Fault, and the Rodgers Creek Fault. Rodgers Creek is the major fault of Santa Rosa. There is also the Concord, Maacama, and San Gregorio. The precise point of surface touch damage for some of these is unknown. It is safe to assume that a major earthquake could occur eventually in the same region as of Wednesday’s event. 

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