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California Starbucks customer dies chasing laptop thief, police say; 2 arrested

By | Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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A California Starbucks customer has died in pursuit of a laptop thief. Citing Fox News, two people have been arrested in the connection of the fatal theft in Oakland, California. The two suspects were apprehended on Wednesday in the case of the man who was killed while chasing after his stolen laptop near a Starbucks location in Oakland. 


The man was working on his computer at this Starbucks location. Bay Area’s Fox 2 reports that someone entered the store and stole the laptop directly out from under him. Citing KTVU Fox 2, this incident occurred at a Starbucks in the Montclaire neighborhood of Oakland. It was in the 2000 block of Mountain Boulevard and Antioch Street. The theft occurred at approximately 11:30 am on Wednesday, January 1, 2020. 

Witnesses say that the man was working on his laptop when the suspect walked up and simply took it out of his hands. That’s when the victim gave chase. He was hit by the suspect’s vehicle as it took off. 

A nearby store owner, Maria Chan, was left in awestruck horror: 

“His body is still in my mind. Such a young man. It’s not worth it to chase after the laptop.”

Officer Johnna Watson said there was a vehicle waiting at the scene. 

“The suspect or suspects got into that vehicle with the laptop. The victim tried to continue to get it back and at that time in the 6100 block of Antioch (street), the victim was critically injured.

The San Francisco Chronicle states that this is an ongoing investigation. Even so, people are already gathering to pay their respects to the dead man. A victim who was between the ages of 20-30. A woman named Sharon Silberman left flowers at the scene of his fatal injuries. The man died in the hospital. Flowers came raining in on the Starbucks with cards and messages that read “I’m sorry.” Someone also left a bouquet of what appeared to be large white lilies affixed to the caution tape of the crime scene. 

Citing NBC News, the suspect climbed into an SUV. The SUV struck the crime’s only victim and gave him severe head injuries. The man has not been identified by police even in the more recent reports. 

“The guy was like ‘Hey!”. It was such a scramble, “said a woman named Julie to NBC Bay Area,” it was literally live a movie.”


Julie then witnessed the guy rushed into a dark SUV right around the Starbuck’s corner on Antioch Street. At that time, Julie says the victim was nearly able to retrieve his laptop.“It was like a Superman-type dive. He made it pretty far into the car. I was pretty surprised and I thought, ‘Oh, he might get it back!”. 

Rather, than retrieve it though, the thief kicked the gas. Julie saw the man go down:“It was like his arm was up and his head was being dragged against the concrete. It was so awful.” The two arrests made were alleged to be the suspect and an accomplice, citing Fox News.

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