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Rams Finish as Best Non-playoff NFL Team

Written by By Adonis Richards Contributing Writer |

The Los Angeles Rams finish as the best non-playoff team in the NFL this season. A disappointing conclusion to a dream season with Super Bowl aspirations. These aspirations resulted in a 9-7 record, therefore keeping the Rams out of the playoffs. The winning record is the best this season for a non-playoff team, the Rams finishing just short of their goal of the playoffs. With a 9-7 record, the Rams finish as the best non-playoff team which is an unfortunate reality

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The Rams are coming off a 2019 Super Bowl appearance, but this season they came nowhere near that accomplishment. They ended the season 13th in the power rankings, going 1-2 in their last three games. This stark contrast in their last season leaves the Rams asking many questions for the coming offseason.

According to the USAToday, The Rams General Manager went all-in for the 2019 season. but to no avail.

“The Rams wrapped up their season with a 31-24 win against Arizona to finish with a winning record. Like it mattered? This is a team that was in the Super Bowl last year and didn’t even qualify for the postseason this year. The Rams might have been the league’s most disappointing team, especially after going all-in each of the past two years. General manager Les Snead’s track record suggests he’ll go all-in again this offseason. The Rams are moving into a new stadium next year, and they need to win to draw big crowds. It’s not hard to figure out what Snead needs to work on. It’s the running game. When the Rams were good, Todd Gurley was the focal point of the offense. But Gurley, who has issues with his knee, wasn’t the focal point this season. Quarterback Jared Goff isn’t good enough to take this team deep into the playoffs by himself. The Rams need to find a new running back.” –USA Today

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What went wrong

according to ESPN, a number of things went bad for the Rams. First, their offense apparently differed from running back Todd Gurley II. This possibly caused them offensive troubles. Secondly, ESPN reports that Jared Goff was inconsistent during the season. This can be because of the inexperience of the offensive line the Rams were working with.  Lastly, the Rams’ defense didn’t have the same killer instinct they wielded last season. Last season they displayed dominance in one-score games going 6-1. They, unfortunately, they declined despite having a powerful defensive line

Moving Forward

According to USAToday, the Rams still have their core going into the 2020 season. There will be some changes going forward, expect an upgrade to the offensive line for starters. This will be difficult, however. The Rams don’t have a 1st round pick this season and are strapped for cap space. Giving significantly large extensions to some key players, the Rams will have to find innovative ways to add free agents this offseason. On top of this, The Rams could potentially lose key contributors to their defensive line. General Manager Les Snead will have his hands full when it comes to his all-in approach this off-season. Expect him to do so again as his track record reveals this behavior. The Rams super Bowl hopes for the 2020 season seem bleak due to the myriad of complications this off-season brings. However, With the strong core with years to build upon, expect the Rams to be around for years to come.


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