Offset Sued By Jeweler for $47K

By – Ubong Ekpo

Contributing Writer For – Telegraph Local | See My – Blog

It looks like Offset will have to ring in the new year with a fresh new lawsuit.  According to TMZ, the Migos rapper has a jewelry tab that he has not paid off.


Peter Marco, owner of the Beverly Hills store, Extraordinary Jewels Beverly Hills, alleges that Offset owes him $47,000 from a $110,000 jewelry price.

In the legal documents obtained by TMZ, a copy of the invoice shows the ‘Clout” rapper only payed $63,000 for the piece he purchased, which leaves a $47000 balance.

Marco claims he had made attempts to reach out to Offset’s team in early December to figure out a payment, which was met with silence.

Also included in Marco’s lawsuit is Quality Control Music COO Kevin “coach K” Lee, which is the label Offset and his group Migos are signed to.

Marco’s lawsuit is just among the list of highs and lows Offset has endured in 2019.

He started the year off battling private and public scrutiny for having extramarital affairs while married to superstar female rapper Cardi B.

His constant infidelities and major public attempts to win his wife back dominated headlines and made him a constant target of memes on social media.

In February 2019, Offset then released his debut solo studio album, Father of 4, which received positive reviews.

The song ‘ Clout’ from the album ,that he recorded with his wife was nominated for best rap performance at the upcoming 2020 Grammy’s awards.

In October, Offset found himself entangled in a legal battle with one of the mother’s of his children.  According to documents obtained by The Blast, Nicole Algarin sued the rapper for child support. They have a four year old daughter together named Kalea.

Algarin is requesting that the courts “legitimize” the parental relationship between Offset and his daughter. She requested a monthly child support payment from Offset, which is to be sanctioned by the court.

As we head into 2020, we can be sure to expect much more drama from this Migos group member. Just his high profile marriage to Cardi B alone can ensure drama.

While Offset may not be the bigger celebrity in his relationship,he sure managed to set himself apart from the other two members of Migos; his solo album was the best rated out of the trio’s solo efforts.

In terms of the lawsuit, only time will tell how far the lawsuit goes. It should be noted Peter Marco himself is a well known Jeweler in Beverly Hills.

We can only hope in 2020 that Offset continues on a path of least resistance and see’s an end to all his legal strife.

Just a few weeks ago Offset celebrated his birthday, receiving a whopping $5ook all in cash as gift from his wife.


Maybe the female emcee can give her man a hand with his legal bills because we know his days battling lawsuits are just the very beginning.

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