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Trump Shares Tweet Naming Alleged Whistle Blower

by Cathy Drummond

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local / see Refreshments

NPR is reporting that President Donald Trump has shared a tweet allegedly exposing the name of the Whistle Blower, again. This current Twitter tweet is a retweet. And this is being met yet again with a gamut of emotion. Emotions which range from politically based outrage, common sense outrage. Panic for some it would seem. Oh my!  And unfortunately, in this instance, relief for many of the President’s 68 million followers on Twitter. 68 million followers who may not all possess a sense of decorum. And who may feel they are not somehow bound by the law. Quite possible setting up this alleged Whistle Blower as named to personal attacks. For now they now know too, reportedly.

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And now many others are cringing at the behavior this current sitting President. Expressing chagrin and outrage. In the NPR piece legal experts critical of President Donald Trump have grave concerned for the kind of example this current President of the United States is displaying. Others are not so taken aback by the President’s behavior. Friends of the President applaud this behavior. Some maybe even welcoming it.

While still others may just say we have seen it before. And I am not surprised. However, most experts in criminal and federal law are saying exposing the name of a Whistle Blower on the part of the President may not be (exactly) illegal, but any retaliation against that Whistle Blower is.  Factually saying that this type of behavior pretty much amounts to witness intimidation. By reportedly exposing the name of the one basically named him. NPR makes the point that exposing the name of a Whistle Blower is not (expressly illegal.) Retaliation is.

The alleged Whistle Blower who has opened the reported (can of worms) leading to President Trumps articles of Impeachment.  The alleged Whistle Blower who has named the name. Now, was having the whistle blown, reportedly, back on him. Go figure. This alleged Whistle Blower who literally took on the President of the United States and told him, (your bad, Mr. President.)  But now I have digressed.

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The President’s tweet or retweet apparently has also caused a twitter electrical storm of some sort. According to the New York Post the first tweet was blocked. Twitter attributes this apparent blockage to a system-related outage. The second tweet, or retweet was not (visible) to all the President’s 68 million followers. Regardless, however of the tweet, retweets, etc., etc.

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