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Chiefs Secure 2 Seed After Win Over The Chargers

By Austin Payne

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local | See Social Media

The Chiefs handled the San Diego Chargers in their final regular season game on Sunday to finish out the year with a 12-4 overall record, as well as bagging the number two seed in the AFC with the win.

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To be fair, what reason exactly did the Bolts have to win this game? This team is a bit like the Falcons, who beat the Tampa Bay Bucs today, in their perplexing, fruitless efforts to play good winning football despite having absolutely no shot whatsoever at any post season success.

Despite the de incentivized nature of the entire SDC organization as a whole, they continue to fight in these games and are pretty good at being pretty annoying. This team has one of the more talented rosters in the league when healthy, and though their lack of direction and disfunction outweighs it, having this depth chart accompanied by a potential (unlikely) hall of famer at QB in Phillip Rivers affords them the ability to make life tough.

The Chiefs, having locked down that two seed, got that first round bye that all division leaders covet at this time of year. This should prove to be pivotally important in helping Patrick Mahomes heal a bit from the numerous injuries he’s sustained throughout his up and down sophomore, or I guess junior, campaign in the league. Despite a “bad” year comparative to the insane standard he set for himself last season, he’s still granted us with numerous dazzling moments while managing to lead his team, who isn’t exactly known for it’s defense, to a first round bye and a 12-4 record.

Assuming the Texans are able to keep the awkwardly good Bills at bay in their matchup, we would anticipate another likely explosive game between Deshaun Watson and Pat, which we would all of course cancel plans for to watch in a playoff atmosphere. I’ll admit I have a preference for this outcome, but with the NFL you never know and we may end up seeing the Bills, of all teams, square off against this offensive powerhouse in Arrowhead Stadium.

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There are truly only three teams in the AFC that have a legitimate shot of making the big dance, but the Chiefs just happen to be one of them. When we compare them to the likes of Baltimore and New England, they look like the second best team of the trio, on paper that is. If it weren’t for nostalgia and the Patriots reputation of ruining everyone’s playoff plans, i would almost say that the Chiefs and Ravens are a lock for the AFC title game. But…we can’t ever count out Tom Brady or Bill, and as much as logic tells us KC should be able to handle them for the second time this season should they face off, i’ll have to see it to believe it.

Austin Payne
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