Adam Sandler's Uncut Gems Keeps Setting Indie Box Office Records, Despite Fan Scores
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Adam Sandler’s Uncut Gems Keeps Setting Indie Box Office Records, Despite Fan Scores

Adam Sandler's Uncut Gems Keeps Setting Indie Box Office Records, Despite Fan Scores

By Melissa Darling

Contributing Writer For Telegraph Local | See LinkedIn 


It looks like Uncut Gems is here to stay and continue making names for itself out there in the box office world. It’s not an everyday occurrence you see independent films such as this one setting box office records. Regardless of this fact, this did not stop the well-known Adam Sandler from starring in this movie and even blowing it out of the water. He has now set quite the bar for parent studio A24.

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Previous to box office record breakers, the indie studio (now considered ‘powerhouse’) saw their best per-screen average record broken. The Safdie Brother’s film has sparked so much interest from its “weaponized panic attack,” film nature. If box office numbers weren’t enough, Uncut Gems has made an even bigger impact in its wide release, delivering the studio’s biggest opening frames ever. To credit what has actually been going on with the indie film phenomenon, the film earned $9.5 million over the typical weekend timespan. It also needs to be taken into account though the extra couple of days the film had been in wide release since its Christmas Day opening, which brought in $18.8 million. With roughly $20 million in total grosses, according to the estimates provided by Exhibitor Relations Company, Uncut Gems could be on the road to becoming the most successful title in the A24 films studio. Kudos to you, Adam Sandler and the Safdie Brothers. However, there is still one title that holds the money title for A24’s studio catalog. Director Ari Aster’s horror thriller, Hereditary, holds down the crown for most money so far, bringing in $79. 3 million, the highest grossing title for the parent studio, so far.

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This doesn’t mean that Uncut Gems doesn’t have a prayer though, it will just have a continue, if not increase, its box office showing. This might seem difficult though, depending on who your company is. Uncut Gems has seen some rejection from movie goers. Regardless of audiences flocking to theaters, it is because of the brand recognition of Adam Sandler’s presence alone. The initial wave of box office has seen Uncut Gems fall prey to the expectations of fans who were looking for Sandler’s outward comedic approach in film. When this was not the case, disappointment was met with disapproval of the film by fans. This is where Uncut Gems has a clear divide between fans and critics. If you looks on sites like Rotten Tomatoes or CinemaScore, you will find that this movie has been ripped to shreds. However, if you looked at critics’ lists, award nomination boards, and CinemaBlend, you’ll see the reward is within the movie’s favor. Ultimately,  Uncut Gems will rely on word of mouth moving forward, in order to determine whether it becomes an even bigger hit, or finds itself slowing down in the next couple of weeks.

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