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Penn State vs Memphis Cotton Bowl Results


The Penn State vs Memphis Cotton Bowl results were epic, to say the least. It was one of the highest-scoring bowl game ever. The Lions ran the tigers out of the building to a 53-39 victory.  The Lions rushing game proved too much for the Tigers who fought tooth and nail in a heartbreaking loss. This is a start to an epic bowl between two immaculate offenses. Penn State Vs Memphis proved to be a game for the ages with these results. Penn State and Memphis had a Cotton Bowl that proved to have impressive results

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The offenses proved their worth in this game. Behind a three-headed juggernaut of Journey Brown, Noah Cain, and Ricky Slade, The Lions rushed for 391. The “Lawn boys” each had staggering performances. Cain secured two touchdowns on 92 yards, Slade had an excellent 58 yards. Brown made his contribution with an impressive 202 yards. This all led to the highest-scoring Cotton Bowl game in its history according to NBCSports

Lions offense

The highest-scoring game in Cotton Bowl history seemed to have no defense as both teams scored more than 30 points. The tigers were outlasted by the Lions, unfortunately. The season-high 396 rush yards for the Lions seemed to be the key to victory in this amazing game. This comes off of 53 attempts, which round to about 7.6 yards per carry according to CBSSports. The last time a team achieved this feat was in 1980 in the fiesta bowl with 351 yards. Brown’s contribution was massive with 16 attempts for 202 yards. He had two touchdowns to boot. This impressive offense is unusual and proved way too much for the Tigers.

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Memphis couldn’t hold the fort

Memphis seemed to have folded despite their high offensive output. The Tigers had 8 penalties for 45 yards that could’ve been avoided. This added to the plethora of mistakes the Tigers caused leading to their heartbreaking loss. Six sacks, combined with two picks are definitely plays that can cause a loss.

The Tigers had a good gameplan. however, Penn State just had a running game that proved too much. the Tiger’s defense just couldn’t do anything to stop the unbelievable offense of the Lions. The Tigers did some things to match the Lions on offense, but it was just not enough. A bright spot for Memphis was the kicking game, however. Riley Patterson, Memphis’ kicker came out of the game with 6 field goals, a record.


Micah Parsons

There was some sighting of defense in this game. Micah Parsons, first-team all American linebacker proved it. Attaining 14 tackles on the night, Parsons was everywhere attempting to show some semblance of defense. The Sophmore linebacker proved just that with an impressive performance. Parsons added two pass break-ups along with two sacks showing his activity defensively.

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