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Notre Dame Wins Camping World Bowl Against Iowa State

By | Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local

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Notre Dame won the Camping World Bowl against Iowa State_finding “passion and purpose” in the win, citing ND Insider. The report initially came from Tyler James of South Bend Tribune. 


Coach Brian Kelly said that Notre Dame needed to be “more focused”. Yet, they came to the Camping World Bowl fighting Irish and making their home town proud. They even caught their opposing team Iowa State look unprepared. Notre Dame took a wide gap victory_33-9. 

Something Kelly said must have ignited a spark. Notre Dane has taken a new fire from this game and has a new purpose. This finishing off a six-game winning streak. So, while perhaps verging a little bit off bull’s eye focus, the team has performed consistently well.


Quoted by the Denver Post, Coach Kelly had this to say of his team’s stellar performance: 

“I’m just so proud of our football team. 2019 will be one that I’ll always remember, for a group of guys that just loved to play the game. They had such a strong brotherhood. They did not listen to what the naysayers had to say about them. The negative tone, the negative people out there. All they care about was playing the game. It was clean, it was about competing. Always looking to better themselves.” 

Their self-betterment paid off in spades. Also citing the Denver Post, Ian Brook threw 247 yards in this game and a touchdown. Tony Jones Jr. scored on an 84-yard run. Chase Claypool also overachieved as he had seven receptions for 146 yards and a touchdown for the Irish. It was as if the constant narrative “Notre Dame is not ready to play” inspired them to show up big and show out. 

The Camping World Bowl was met with excellent praise from fans. Fighting Irish Wire said that the Notre Dame win “puts a bow on the 2019 season.” 

Some felt that Notre Dame didn’t have to try all that hard for their win though. Citing Times Daily, from Associated Press, the Notre Dame game was a “post easy win”. Times Daily made a note that Brock Purdy played hard for Iowa State but could not carry the weight of the Notre Dame competition with his performance. Times Daily called Notre Dame’s defense “superb”. The defense drove the first two quarter “fumbles” which assisted the Irish in taking the upper hand. 

Sports Illustrated followed up by saying that Notre Dame’s defense has been the “best yet” in all of college football in 2019. Sports Illustrated makes a note that Notre Dame has led undefeated seasons in the Brian Kelly era of the team. It was their “perfect” defense that is attributed to all of these champion runs. 

Sports Illustrated even argues that Clark Lea put up the best defense of an entire decade out there on the Notre Dame Camping World field. They make the case comparing the charts of the last decade. 


Notre Dame’s 2019 season defense was as powerful as it was even though they lost so many key defensive players in 2018. Among these were Julian Love, Jerry Tillery, Te’von Coney, and former team captain Drue Tranquill.  

Despite these facts, the defensive performance for Notre Dame in 2019 was improved over 2018. 

So, what does this mean for the future of collegiate football? The Notre Dame defense is ironclad. If any other team has a prayer of taking Notre Dame down, then they will need to find a way to break through that force field defense. 


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