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Multiple Stabbings Near Synagogue In NY

by Cathy Drummond

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local / see Refreshments

NBC New York has reported that five people were stabbed near a Synagogue in NY. The five were reportedly stabbed by a lone individual wielding a machete. Although details are yet sketchy, this is sure. On Saturday night, during a celebration of the seventh day celebration of the Jewish sacred holiday of Hanukkah, five Hasidic Orthodox Jewish individuals were stabbed.

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On the seventh day of the Jewish celebration, a man later identified as Thomas Grafton entered the home of Hasidic Rabbi Chaim L. Rottenberg. The residence was filled with about 70 Hasidic Orthodox Jewish individuals.  Five were stabbed with a (machete.)  They we taken to area hospitals for the treatment of these stab wounds. And reportedly, during the attack, the Hasidic Orthodox Jewish Worshipers tried to fend off the suspect by throwing a table at him. And by barricading themselves in the home of the Rabbi.

After the violent attack the suspect Thomas Grafton left the scene in a silver sedan. CNN reports that the suspect Thomas Grafton was covered in blood when apprehended.  The Suspect was taken into custody by the New York Police Department on the George Washington Bridge in New York. He was reportedly driving a silver Nissan Sentra. The Police spotted his tag, which identified the Suspect. The capture of the alleged Suspect happened Saturday night at approximately 11:45 pm.

The synagogue is located in Monsey, NY next to the home of Hasidic Rabbi Chaim L. Rottenberg. The Hannukkah celebration was taking place in the home of the Rabbi Rottenberg. And according to one source Jewish Telegraphic Agency the city of Monsey, NY has proven to be one of the more receptive towns to the Orthodox Jewish community. Specifically, the Haredi Orthodox Enclave, which is ‘heavily entrenched’ in Monsey, New York. The City of Monsey is located in the state of New York, near the New Jersey border. But on Saturday night, this once reported tranquil City would become embroiled in yet another act of senseless anti-Semitic violence.

Understandably the Jewish community has caused for concern. This is just one of many attacks on the Jewish Community. And for the Orthodox Jewish Community specifically. Hate has no place anywhere. It would seem however; some have been succumbed to just that. Hate. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency goes on the report that one family, the Pinkasovits Family, initially resided in Monsey, New York. They moved to the neighboring town of Airmont, New York. However, while in Monsey, NY, the Family considered the little town of Monsey as a safe haven, a refuge, so to speak.  There they faced little violence.

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Then the Family moved to Airmont, NY. But the city of Airmont has proven to be quite another matter. The Family has had to endure anti-Semitic Slurs, and other acts of aggression from the residences of that community. The Pinkasovits’ next door neighbors who are Haredi Orthodox Jews as well have also experienced similar acts of violence and intimidation. But Police and Community officials in Monsey, New York have promised to protect its citizens. This is still a developing story.

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