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Man, 60, Dies After Beating in $1 Christmas Eve Mugging

By | Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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A 60-year-old man has been murdered over $1 in the Bronx, citing ABC. Juan Fresnanda was walking with his husband in the Bronx early Tuesday when multiple assailants targeted them. Fresnada was beaten by the male assailants, including with a metal trash can. 


Citing CBS Local New York, Fresnada and his husband, 29-year-old Bayron “Chi-Chi” Caceres were walking near Third Avenue at approximately 1: 25 am Tuesday, December 24, 2019. Fresnada and Caceres had gone to meet a friend who had invited them to dinner. They were making a pit stop in this neighborhood before returning home. Caceres describes the attack as taking place near Boston Road. 

“He said give me your money. I said I don’t have any money. He said give me your money or I’ll beat you up,” Caceres recounted to CBS2’s Charlie Cooper. 


Caceres also stated,

“My husband said ‘don’t get close to him (Caceres). They just started throwing punches.” 

Surveillance video breaks down the mob attack against the older man that unfolded. He was whipped to the pavement. The assailants proceeded to punch and stomp him as a mob. Then, one of the attackers hit him with a steel trash can. 

Caceres recounts that he was also beaten on the head and his whole body while he heard Fresnada repeatedly scream for the police. 

Caceres lamented to the police that Fresnada tried to defend him. Caceres said that Fresnada took the fatal beating while he tried to prompt Caceres to flee the scene. Caceres was unable to summon help_he told CBS_because he does not have a cell phone. It was also difficult to find contact information for him immediately when CBS reported his story. 

CBS further confirms the neighborhood Fresnada and Caceres were walking in is called Morrisania. Caceres and Fresnada met each other through a charitable program for impoverished LGBT men. Both of them were from Latin America_with Caceres born Honduras and Fresnada originally from Cuba. They met in 2015 and have since lived together in a building in Morrisania-citing the Daily News. 

Caceres noted that the men did not say anything to implicate their attack as a hate crime. 

Friends and neighbors of the two men were horrified to learn of their assault. Aletha Jacobs said to CBS, “He never bothered nobody. He’s a beautiful guy.” 


Citing ABC News, Fresnada died on Friday afternoon at a Bronx hospital_citing the NYPD. ABC states that no contact information could be found for Fresnada’s family or next of kin. The only known contact for him was Caceres. 

It adds a bitter irony, the fact that the muggers only made off with $1 from the murder of Fresnada. It echoes the devaluation of life in New York where a surge of violent crimes has emerged in the last few days and weeks. These include a rise of violence in the Jewish community, and the stabbing of the teenage college student, journalist, and rock-band member Tessa Majors. 

America looks at New York now in horror with hopes that the city will find its way back to the light. 

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