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2 dead, 1 in critical condition in shooting at Texas church

By | Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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Pictured above. This is a screen capture of the moment when a gunman ended a church goer’s life before he is taken down by other church members.

Two people are dead and one is in critical care following a shooting at a Texas church on Sunday, December 29, 2019. The Dallas Morning News states that the attacker is one of the two casualties of the killing at West Freeway Church of Christ, White Settlement, a township west of Fort Worth. 


The police responded at approximately 10 am. The scene was the West Freeway Church of Christ at 1900 South Las Vegas Trail. 

MedStar spokeswoman  Macara Trusty says that two wounded people_one of them the attacker_died at the hospital. Paramedics successfully resuscitated the third person. This person was in cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital. This third person remains in critical condition.

NBC states that the killer was killed by partitioners shortly after he opened fire in the church. 

The White Settlement Police Chief J.P. Bevering confirms that the suspect was killed by church members as they returned fire on the gunman. 


Fort Worth police are assisting White Settlement in the investigation of the attack. 

Minister Britt Farmer was able to verify the video footage captured inside the church at the time of the shooting. He states that he was present at the scene when the attack took place and when the church members apprehended it. Minister Farmer is distraught for his congregation that this attack ever occurred. 

Texas Govern Greg Abbot condemned the attack calling it an “evil act of violence.” 

CBS News states that it was two parishioners who shot and killed the gunman. Jeoff Williams of the Texas Department of Public Safety called the response “heroic parishioners”. The parishioners prevented the attack from racking up several more casualties. 

Two additional people were treated at the crime scene and have since been released. 

Matthew Desarno, FBI, stated in a press conference Sunday that they are still searching for the attacker’s motive. 

An eyewitness speaking with CBS News stated that the gunman opened fire with a shotgun while the church was taking communion. 

“It was the scariest thing,’ stated the witness Isabela Arreola speaking with CBS,” you feel like your life is flashing before you. I was so worried about my little one.” 


BNO News shared the video which you can watch above. What starts as a quiet communion service of praying elderly people and families turns into a scene from the cinema. All is quiet and then, you see the gunman rise from a seat beside the front row of pews. He slowly turns to the quiet congregation and opens the first shot. You hear his second shot before the parishioners respond. 

Then, over everything, the greatest sorrow. Not what you see, but what you hear. In the echoing silence of ringing gunfire, a voice of what seems to be a woman shrieking in despair and a baby screaming for life. Voices chatter in a swam of fright. Elderly people cower below pews. 

BNO has the grace to blur the bodies from the public eye. That little congregation saw their friend or neighbor or family member. There was no blurring that image. It will sear in their eyes until the day they close them for the last time.  

Texas has seen its fair share of bloodshed this year. From an El Paso Walmart where 22 fell dead, to a shooting spree in Odessa-Midland, which killed 7. The blood is letting from Texan veins and American watches in horror and in grief. 

This is a developing story. Not all the details are abundantly clear yet. What is clear is that American violence is becoming a disturbing trend, from sea to shining sea. We must stop the cycle of hatred. It must stop with us as unanimous people working rapidly together as one or it will never stop at all. 


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