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The Mandalorian Ends Its Run

By Daniel Lehewych

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local

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*Spoiler Alert*

The Mandalorian on Disney+ aired its eighth episode on Friday. It was the season finale of the show.

Picking up where it left off –with Baby Yoda being captured by the post-imperial forces– IG-11 (i.e. the droid that the Mandalorian killed in the first episode who was resurrected into a protector-droid) saves Baby Yoda from the two scout troopers who captured him.

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Following this, where the Mandalorian and his allies were pinned down in the previous episode by Moff Gideon and his stormtroopers, the Mandalorian seeks to escape.

Upon realizing the sewers are a viable option, IG-11 comes to the rescue and a large scale gun-fight ensues involving all.

The Mandalorian gets injured by Gideon but makes an escape into the sewers to meet with other Mandalorians. In doing so, he gets a jet pack –a wink at fans regarding the Fett family. The Mandalorian is ordered to bring Baby Yoda back to his place of origin.

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Above the ground again, we see Gideon in a TIE-Fighter, which The Mandalorian inevitably destroys and in turn, flys of into the distance with Baby Yoda. We do not know yet where they end up.

Gideon did not die, though. He –with a dark saber– sliced open the TIE Fighter and survived the explosion and crash of it.

Given the way this last episode ended, it is quite clear that another season is over the horizon. The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda have places to go, and it looks like Gideon still wants Baby Yoda as a prize. We have no idea where The Mandalorian is taking Baby Yoda, and given that, LucasFilms would not leave us hanging without seeing where they end up –especially given the overwhelming critical acclaim of the show.

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