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Suspect in Tessa Majors’ Murder Released Without Charges

By | Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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Tessa Majors was a singer and a songwriter. She played with her band, Patient 0, that she scored impressive performing gigs for. Her career seemed headed for journalism though when she interned for the Augusta Free Press. She had approached the job with all her will this spring. To think that she would be the one immortalized by headlines before the end, citing the Washington Post. 


She was 18-years-old and a student at Barnard College when she died. She died on December 11. Her life ended in Morningside Park, Manhattan_which is a park of the school campus. One to three shadowy figures stabbed the little girl from Charlottesville multiple times. She crawled into the sight of a security guard who attempted to call 911_to save her life. In the end, she died all the same. 

Citing New York chief of detectives Rodney Harrison, a suspect, allegedly 14-years-old, was detained for questioning with his attorney present. He has been released.

 Citing the New York Times, there were at least three suspects who aimed to rob Majors. Yet, the 14-year-old suspect is the one believed to have stabbed her. The police located and detained the teen at a family member’s home in the Bronx. The family may have been shielding the boy while a bite from Majors was healing on his hand. 

The community is confused by the release of the minor suspect in the murder charges. Still, the investigation is ongoing to develop a stronger case against the unnamed suspect. All three suspects were ages 13-14 and are believed to have been classmates of a local middle school.

The New York Times puts the approximate place of Ms. Majors’ killing at the corner of  West 116th and Morningside Drive. This exact location is near many complex buildings. Citing USA Today, she collapsed in a crosswalk after staggering up a flight of stairs. 

Chief Harrison came as far as he did in this case by taking the unconventional action and releasing a photo of the minor suspect via Crime Stoppers. This led investigators to locate the male minor suspect, who has been released for a period of time. NBC describes him as “released to his attorney” and also states that NYPD is taking specific precautions to avoid repeating the mistakes of the 1989 Central Park 5 wrongful conviction incident. Also citing NBC, Neighborhood Defender Service will provide legal representation for the suspect. He faces murder charges if enough evidence is presented on the three to send them to trial.


The due process of investigation has been unfortunately overshadowed by politics. Citing NBC New York, because Ms. Majors was a white victim, and at least one of the suspects is African American, Barnard College is now the target of racist harassment. The school is working with law enforcement to stall the stream of robocalls made by a white supremacist organization. The organization appears to be leveraging the tragedy for their own publicity and agendas. 

So, in the end, Tessa Majors is a celebrity for all the wrong reasons. The Daily Beast describes her memorial service in Charlottesville, Virginia. Those who love her said she “knit the world together”. Now the knife that killed her has cut their world apart. The Columbia Spectator then described how students at  Barnard showered the school’s crest at the main gates with flowers for her. 

Politics aside, there is one fact that outstands this story with a glaring painful truth. What has America become, when teens slaughter teens? No number of flowers will ever make that right. 

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