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Oakland Raiders’ Josh Jacobs’ Shoulder, Not Skin Infection Concerns Jon Gruden

by Cathy Drummond

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local / see Refreshments

According to an ABC news Report the concern for Coach Jon Gruden on the status of his Star Running Back Josh Jacobs is the status of the shoulder injury. Not the skin infection on his leg. Josh Jacobs initial injury of his shoulder has kept the Star Running Back sidelined for weeks. Coach Gruden concern is that the status of the shoulder injury. Which gives Coach Gruden more concern than the skin infection. It’s the shoulder, according to another published report.

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In 2018 Josh Jacobs was the subject of an outstanding Bleacher Report when he played for Collegiate powerhouse Alabama. The young Oakland Raider star Running Back has overcome much. And even though the young running back has always seemed to demonstrate an outstanding skill set. Jacobs was seemingly overlooked coming out of high school until Coach Nick Saban’s powerhouse Alabama became aware of the young phenom. In High School he rushed for 1000 yards and scored 13 touchdowns at a little known school in Tulsa, Oklahoma as a Junior. During this junior season he also suffered a shoulder injury at that time. However, this just seemed to fuel him further as a Senior. During his Senior tenure, the now Oakland Raider Star Running back amassed an incredible 2074 yards and a reported 31 touchdowns.

Fast forward, Oakland Raiders. Josh Jacobs has yet again sustained another shoulder injury. And now a seemingly unrelated leg injury (self-reported) by the Oakland Raiders Star Running Back. The (leg injury) seems to have occurred on Christmas night. And now, it is being surmised, subsequently the leg infection developed. The shoulder injury was sustained, according to some published media reports approximately on October 20, 2019. The game against the Green Bay Packers. However, Coach Gruden and his staff have been mum on the matter of when the shoulder injury actually occurred.

Since the shoulder injury, Jacobs has played in seven of the last ten games. Jacobs recently sat out of the Oakland Raiders game against the Philip River’s led Los Angeles Chargers. The Raiders defeated the Chargers 24 – 17. Coach Gruden seems to be a little miffed at the method of communication in regard to the reported leg surgery. And the subsequent leg infection. It seems Coach Gruden’s young Star Running back took to Instagram. For all the world to see. Except his Coach. Who probably should have been the first to know.

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The Instagram post first posted on December 26, has since been deleted. But it seems the damage, no pun intended, social media wise had already been done. The prognosis for the Oakland Raiders Star Running Back for the rests of this 2019 Football Season schedule as follows. We will see. The Oakland Raiders still have hope for making the playoffs. However, the team will need much help from their friends? Josh Jacobs participation in this week’s game against the team’s AFC West Division has been subsequently put on hold. He will not play.

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