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New York Times: Leaked videos show SEALs describing Gallagher’s conduct

By Daniel Lehewych

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local

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Special Operations Chief of Navy SEAL team 7 Alpha Platoon Eddie Gallagher has been described in recently leaked videos by members of the Navy SEALS as “toxic” and “evil.” 

These comments are heard in recent interviews, which were obtained by the New York Times. These video recordings prior to this week were unavailable to the public.

U.S Military investigation on white power sign during Army.vs.Navy game

“The guy is freaking evil,” Special Operator First Class Craig Miller said of Gallagher during his interview with Naval Criminal Investigative Service agents, the Times reported.
“You could tell he was perfectly O.K. with killing anybody that was moving,” Special Operator First Class Corey Scott said of his former platoon leader, the newspaper reported.


Gallagher was made known to the general public after President Trump intervened on his behalf, which has caused a profound level of tension between the White House and the Pentagon –the latter of which was unanimously against such intervention.
Gallagher in the video was accused of shooting a 12-year-old and is repeatedly called a “psychopath” by Navy SEALs.
“My first reaction to seeing the videos was surprise and disgust that they would make up blatant lies about me, but I quickly realized that they were scared that the truth would come out of how cowardly they acted on deployment,” Gallagher said in a statement.
“I felt sorry for them that they thought it necessary to smear my name, but they never realized what the consequences of their lies would be. As upset as I was, the videos also gave me confidence because I knew that their lies would never hold up under real questioning and the jury would see through it. Their lies and (Naval Criminal Investigative Service’s) refusal to ask hard questions or corroborate their stories strengthened my resolve to go to trial and clear my name.”

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