Lush Turns Its Best Scents Into 20 New Vegan Body Sprays
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Lush Turns Its Best Scents Into 20 New Vegan Body Sprays

By Marie DeFreitas

Contributing Writer Telegraph Local | See My Website

Lush just released their best scents in 20 new vegan body sprays. 

Lush defines a body spray on their website. They say: “Packed with essential oils, body-sprays are light perfumes that can be spritzed directly onto clothing or your skin for a burst of irresistible scent.” Each of their sprays is blended with glycerine, a vegetable based ingredient. This aids in skin hydration and is able to lock in moisture and fragrance.

Lush has broken down their body sprays into four main categories on their site. This shows customers how to choose the perfect one. 

The first category is aimed at “those with a sweet tooth.” For sweeter scents try ‘Honey I Washed The Kids’ for a sweet toffee scent. Or ‘Yuzu and Cocoa’ for a softer, sweet orange-chocolate aroma. 


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The second category is “for those who love a fresh bouquet” and is described as for customers who want to a subtler approach to wearing florals. These folks can try ‘Sakura’ for a cheery blossom scent. Or Roller’, for a “ warm geranium-based fragrance with soothing elements of tonka and Brazilian orange oil.” Or even  ‘Big’: a softer blend of orange flower and vanilla. 

For scents “with a little more oomph,” Lush recommends trying their ‘Sex Bomb’ for jasmine packed aroma experience. Or a fan favourite,  ‘Flying Fox’ for a spray with cypress and palmarosa notes.

Category three is inspired by the great outdoors, and for scents that are green and earthy. Lush describes this category as scents that are “perfect for anyone who wants the feeling of being lost in the woods even when they’re in the midst of the city.” ‘Guardian of The Forest’ has notes of cypress, rosewood and oakmoss, while ‘Jungle’ is more wild with woodsy-floral combo with cedarwood and tropical notes of ylang ylang.


Lush Turns Its Best Scents Into 20 New Vegan Body Sprays
Lush Turns Its Best Scents Into 20 New Vegan Body Sprays

For more herbal and spiced options in this category, try the ‘Turmeric Latte’ with turmeric, gardenia, tonka and vanilla; or their ‘Yoga Bomb’ with a floral-sandalwood scent.

The fourth and final category says is for those who love “juicy freshness.” These sprays include fresh citrus scents such as ‘Coco Loco,’ a warm blend of orange oil, coriander and lemongrass, ‘Calacas,’ a zesty lime and neroli oil blend. Or ‘Avocado Co-Wash,’ a  litsea cubeba and bergamot blend.

 ‘Plum Rain,’ with Sicilian mandarin oil. Also, ‘So White‘s’ which has a crisp apple aroma are two addition scents in this category that are. sweeter

According to VegNews, a magazine that publishes all things related to veganism, Lush  “also recently launched its “Fresh to Your Steps” program. This allows customers to order items, including body sprays, in-store for at-home delivery.” 

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Their new vegan body spray collection retails at $29.95 and $49.95. The full line is available through the Lush website and the products will launch in physical stores on January 3 2020. 

Lush was launched in 1995 in Poole, U.K. where their headquarters are located. They are a cruelty-free brand and around 80% of their products are vegan friendly.

Marie DeFreitas
Marie DeFreitas is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, (B.F.A Writing, B.F.A. Illustration) and is currently based out of Raleigh, North Carolina.

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