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Lindsey Vonn Proposes to Fiancé P.K. Subban on Christmas

By | Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local

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Lindsey Vonn_world famous ski champion_has gotten engaged-again. More specifically, she has renewed her engagement vows to the same partner. She proposed to her fiance the hockey champ P.K. Subban on Christmas, citing People Magazine. 


In Ms. Vonn’s own words,

“I returned the favor and asked P.K. to marry me. He said yes.” 

The gold medalist, aged 35, told People that Christmas was the prime opportunity to bestow an engagement ring on her affianced. The couple was engaged by August.  Ms. Vonn, posting to her Instagram, cited equality sociopolitics and stated that “Men should get engagement rings too and this is what PK deserves. Can’t wait to marry you, babe.” 

Vonn echoed her sentiments again on Twitter. She posted, “women aren’t the only ones who should get engagement rings”. 


Ms. Vonn and Mr. Subban have been a couple for the past two years. As in the video above, they are happily producing videos for the hit YouTube channel Lindsey Vonn TV and leading in children’s programs like this one on Nickelodeon in the past two months.  For their re-engagement, the happy couple posed beside their Christmas tree_in matching PJs_with their dogs. The dogs were themselves decked for the holidays accenting the warmth the family is surrounded by. 

So what does an engagement ring for the future groom look like? Ms. Vonn is setting a trend, is she? If you were worried about a fancy little jewel off-set by a slender silver princess band, no one would blame you. That would look a bit silly, wouldn’t it? Ms. Vonn had great taste in getting her fiance a ring that suited him personally. It has a broad ring band befitting many other items in modern men’s jewelry. Citing Radar Online, the band is a massive black and silver band. It has a jewel fixed in the center. Subban’s favorite color is green and his birthstone is emerald. So, Ms. Vonn went with the natural choice for a green jewel in the ring band.  

Sports Illustrated celebrated Ms. Vonn’s relationship and her ski champion career. It feels like the greatest victory of her life_achieving happiness. She was once in a high-profile relationship with Tiger Woods and before that was married to the former ski racer Thomas Vonn. She decided to keep his name after their divorce_Lindsey Vonn was born Lindsey Caroline Kildow. The idea that she could end her ski era with this new relationship. For the promise of a life with someone after what appears to be a lot of past hurts. 

Ms. Vonn may be retiring from skiing, but her life is only just beginning. What a way to start? Citing Britannica, won four Women’s World Cup overall championships. She is the all-time leader in Women’s World Cup race victories_winning 82. She also took the gold in three Olympic Winter Games. There were an additional eight medals taken for international championships she competed in.


Vonn_then called Kildow_made her debut on the skiing scene at a mere 14_which was 1999. She won the 1999 slalom race at Italy’s Trofeo Topolino_a competition for junior skiers ages 11-14. She also competed in the 2002 Winter Olympics, when she was 17-years-old, but only came in 6th place at that time. She is a victor and rebounded from devastating injuries and relationships all throughout her storied career. This is the fairytale middle to a story that will hopefully have a long happily ever after. 


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