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Jeffrey Epstein friend and alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell under FBI investigation

By | Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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Jeffrey Epstein may be dead, but that doesn’t mean his criminal enterprise is. Citing the Guardian, the alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell, a friend of Epstein, now finds herself under Federal investigation. Maxwell is called “ a British socialite” who may have facilitated Epstein’s illegal behavior. Jeffrey Epstein died while in custody awaiting trial for sex trafficking charges. 


Law enforcement officials are focusing heavily on Maxwell. She is believed to be centric to the investigation as she was a long-time associate of Epstein. Maxwell has attended high-profile socialite parties in the States within the last few years. She was a guest of Jeff Bezos’ hosted retreat in 2018, citing CNBC in early November 2019. This was called the Campfire Retreat.

The American public has been looking hard at all former associates of Epstein as this investigation comes to the light. Epstein was also a former associate of both President Trump and President Clinton. This is a fact that the public had looked at with some curiosity. T

Yet, who truly knew of all the things he stood accused of, prior to his death? Who is Ghislaine Maxwell and how did she become the center-point of this high profile investigation?

An early accusation by-states that Maxwell solicited a girl to sleep with Prince Andrew who was also a personal friend of Epstein. The accuser is identified as Virginia Roberts Giuffre by Reuters. Citing the New York Post, the FBI will not be questioning Prince Andrew at this time. There is a possibility that he could be questioned at a later date.  Prince Andrew denies ever meeting Giuffre. 


Ms. Maxwell’s place in Epstein’s “inner circle” has been confirmed by Gloria Allred, the lawyer representing five of Epstein’s victims who have come forward, also citing the Guardian. 

Reuters gives further insights into the history of Ghislaine Maxwell. They state that Maxwell is Epstein’s ex-girlfriend. Epstein went on record with Vanity Fair in 2003 calling Maxwell his “best friend.” 

On the CBS This Morning video above, Maria Farmer alleges that she was molested by Epstein and Maxwell. Maxwell allegedly furnished Epstein and friends with girls and “Victoria’s Secret Models” at this time.  Farmer also alleges that her sister Annie was a victim as well.


Also citing Reuters, Maxwell moved to New York in the early 90s. She worked selling real estate back in those days. That was also nearing the time of her romantic affair with Epstein. Epstein was then a financier who funded big socialite parties. 

Maxwell has been accused of luring girls into Epstein’s inner circle. He and his powerful friends then sexually abused them. 

The last public appearance of Maxwell was when she founded the TerraMar Project. That was in the 2013-2014 era. She then disappeared from the public eye in the 2016 election year. Maxwell has since then been living in a secluded oceanfront mansion in Massachusetts. She does not own it. Rather, a technology entrepreneur called Scott Borgerson does. He declined to confirm if Maxwell lived in this mansion with him.  

Spokespersons of the FBI are declining press comments at this time. This is an in-depth investigation. Releasing information publicly too early could jeopardize the investigation. 


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