‘Interesting items’ found during search for missing Oregon hiker
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‘Interesting Items’ found During Search for Missing Oregon Hiker

By Marie DeFreitas

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On Monday an Oregon hiker was reported missing. Police say they have found ‘interesting items’ related to the search. 

Allyson Watterson, 20, was hiking with her boyfriend Benjamin Garland on Sunday when the two became separated. They were hiking in a wooded area about 18 miles outside of Portland. Garland was later found sleeping in his truck by a resident. He returned to the area with his father to search for Watterson, but was unable locate her, according to the report. 

Garland and his father then went to notify Watterson’s family of her disappearance. The Wattersons reported their daughter missing on Monday. 

Garland has since been arrested for several charges that are unrelated in the search for Watterson. 

Trained search and rescue teams have been scouring the area for Watterson, along with over 100 volunteers. The search even continued throughout Christmas day. 

‘Interesting items’ found during search for missing Oregon hiker
‘Interesting items’ found during search for missing Oregon hiker

On Thursday  new discovery was made after an Oregon National guard helicopter with heat-sensing cameras was added to the search. 

The New York Post, reported Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy Tony Morris said at a press conference: “[We] have found some interesting items and clues that we’re going to try to find out more information tomorrow with a different type of search.” 

However, the details of the new evidence are not able to be released just yet. 

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I’m not free to say what it is at this point,” Morris went on. “Just know that it’s something that’s going to change the type of searching we’re doing.”

Morris said the new evidence would change the type of search the team was doing, and would “slow them down” quite a bit.

The Wattersons are very grateful for the extensive search efforts. 

Watterson’s father Alan said the press conference: “We just really, really want to thank everyone, and we want this to keep going until we find Allyson.”

According to ABC News, Watterson’s mother, Misty Watterson said:”Please get the word out to anybody who may or may not be on social media … let the people know that don’t have outlets to TVs or maybe people that kind of live off the grid,” She continued: “She’s just a very special person, and I will do anything to get her home. Anything.”

The Watterson’s also urged people to check their properties for signs of their daughter who could be looking for “a place to get warm.”

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Allyson Watterson is 20 years old, 120 lbs, and 5 feet 7 inches tall. She has brown hair and blue eyes. She was last seen in a wooded area North of North Plains Oregon. She was last seen wearing an orange-yellow hooded sweatshirt, with black jeans and brown boots. 


The search for the missing 20-year-old continues. Anyone who has seen or may know of Allyson’s whereabouts are urged to call the non-emergency dispatch in Washington County at (503)- 629-0111.

Marie DeFreitas
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