Ten Year Old Dies on Delta Flight After Cardiac Arrest

Passenger Dies from Cardiac Arrest Aboard a Delta Flight

By Madeleine Grisanzio

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local


A Delta passenger was pronounced dead upon arrival at LAX after a medical emergency that began shortly after the flight took off.

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The passenger was a 10-year-old girl who suffered from cardiac arrest while traveling to Seattle. Delta Flight #2423 departed from LAX at 530 pm and turned around just minutes later when the crew became aware of the young girl’s condition.

The plane made an emergency landing at LAX at 5:51 pm, where the L.A. Fire Department responded to the situation and gave her medical attention.

The LAFD released a statement saying that ‘all efforts were futile, and the child was beyond medical help.’ Her death was determined on the scene, and no further information was released.


Passenger dies on Delta Flight
Prayitno /  view from Los Angeles, USA, LAX Airport Icon (18138774844), CC BY 2.0

Law enforcement officers do not suspect foul play and have said there will be no further investigation.

Delta Airlines is currently working to accommodate the passengers that did not make it to their destination.

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