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China’s Long March 5 rocket poised for crucial return-to-flight launch

By| Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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China is looking to the stars again. Citing Space Flight Now, China’s Long March 5 rocket project made its third flight today. This is a critical validation mission for China’s space program. After a core stage engine failure grounded it in 2017, a two-and-a-half investigation and redesign effort were enacted. Yet now, on the eve of 2020, China rises. 


China wishes to use the Long March 5 project to launch robotic deep space missions in 2020. The first of these will be the first of China’s Mars rover missions. It will launch via the Long March 5 machines in mid-2020. 

Space Flight Now followed up with the news that the Long March 5 return-to-flight mission was successful on Friday, December 27, 2019. This means that China is well on the way to building new missions in space. China will commence with its plans to launch the Chang’e 5 on a lunar mission and other units on a Mars rover mission in 2020. calls China’s Long 5 rocket launch a “dazzling” nighttime event as it took the skies with all of innovation’s hope. This is the third-ever Long 5 to take flight. Every skyborne Long 5 is paving the way of history. 

Also citing, the Long March 5 Y3 Rocket made its launch at 8:45 pm, which would have been early morning for the United States, 7:45 am EST. The rocket was carrying an experimental Shijan 20 communications satellite into geosynchronous orbit. The Shijan 20 is the most technologically advanced one in China’s arsenal to date and weighs 8 tons. 

The failed Long 5 launch in 2017 destroyed the Shijan 18 model that was meant to go up that day. 

The most ambitious task for the future of this year’s Long 5 test? China aims to send a crewed spacecraft into the stars. They will send it to the moon, again citing The new human-flight spacecraft is still under critical development. It will be a two-module craft, referencing a video from China Academy of Space Technology or CAST. The two modules include the crew module and the service module. 

You can watch the CAST human-flight spacecraft promo video on their Chinese-language site.  

Business Insider Nordic heaped heavy praise on China for its successful launch calling it “one of its most important rocket launches ever”. They also called it China’s “big-ticket to the solar system.” 


Bloomberg stated that the successful Long March 5 launch has heated up the space race. As the mission was a complete success, stated by the China National Space Administration, and the Shijan 20 was planted where it should be 36 minutes post takeoff. 

In response to China’s acceleration in the Space Race, President Trump signed the US Space Force into law this week. US commanders have express concerns about the space warfare capacity China and Russia will have in the near future. India is likewise getting in on the major Asian national power space game. India successfully launched the Chandrayaan 2 to a lunar mission on the moon’s south pole back in August. 


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