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Philadelphia upsets Milwaukee in Christmas blockbuster

By Adonis Richards Contributing Writer |

Philadelphia earned their Christmas present in the form of a W in an upset last night. Christmas day is always special in the NBA. The league’s biggest stars are scheduled to duel in epic fashion with the brightest lights on display for the entire world to peer. There’s always excitement and amazing basketball played on this day. Yesterday was no different. The Philadelphia 76ers upset the Milwaukee Bucks in a Christmas blockbuster last night. It was a matchup of epic proportions and for NBA hopeful, an Eastern Conference finals preview.

The 76ers came into Wednesday afternoon 22-10, seeking an extra present from Santa Claus in the form of a W. And what a statement win it was. They Dominated Milwaukee in a wire-to-wire in a 121-109 victory. The key to the win, a barrage of three-pointers and a stifling defense that flustered Milwaukee’s MVP in Giannis Antetekoumpo. The MVP went 9-for-27 for the field, a lot of that is due to Joel Embiid’s terrific defense on the reigning league MVP. Embiid stopped drives at the rim all afternoon and dared Giannis to shoot, forcing him into  0-for-7 shooting. According to USAToday, Embiid contributed 31 points for Philly, however, that was just the icing on the cake for the 76ers. The 76ers shot the light out, going 21-44 on three-point shooting. This hot shooting helped Philly jump out to a 29 point lead at one point en route to this amazing statement win.

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Sixers win dramatically

SBNation reports that the 76ers caught fire against Milwaukee. This is an uncanny presentation since Philly makes the 5th fewest threes in the league. yesterday was special. The Sixers have had an up and down season despite their record. It appears they play to their competition as they have had some uncanny loses in this season. This wasn’t the case yesterday. Yesterday fans were treated to a preview of how good the 76ers really are. If they play like this every night, they can have legitimate title hopes. Obviously 21-44 isn’t going to happen every night. The consistency relies on the defensive end. Horford and Embiid were terrific on the ni unstoppable reigning MVP. The met him at the rim with length and forced him into tough shots.

This type of defense reveals that the Sixers are capable of being title contenders. Now the question is can they keep this output up? In a season filled with amazing storylines and great competition, fans were treated to an exciting performance in Philadelphia. A Christmas present of a marquee victory for Philly.

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Milwaukee exposed

Philly’s victory exposed Milwaukee however. Their stifling defense flustered the MVP all night. Even though He shot the ball 27 times, the great majority of them were tough shots. The Sixers seemed to have taken out of the book of the champion Raptor’s defense. Throwing bodies and presenting length to the reigning MVP. They also challenged Giannis to shoot the ball, packing it in the paint and daring him to shoot. Giannis has improved his three-point shooting this year, making 44 percent this month alone.  However, Philly rattled the MVP and made it hard for him yesterday in a statement win. Chris Middleton contributed 31 points off 21 shots, but it wasn’t enough for the League’s best Milwaukee Bucks. For all the viewers, this is the matchup we’d like to see in the Eastern Conference finals. Hopefully, Santa left this in our stockings too.

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