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Netanyahu Rushed to Bomb Shelter After Rocket Attack in South Israel

By | Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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Pictured above, this is Ashkelon, Southern Israel where the missile threat Wednesday occurred.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been evacuated from a political rally as rockets took to the skies. This is the second time in less than four months that “Bibi”_as Israelis call their prime minister_has been lifted out of the firing line of a Gaza-originating attack, citing Newser. 


The rally took place 8 miles north of Gaza_where hostilities between Gaza-based extremists and the Israeli military have recently intensified_after a brief quiet. The campaign event on Wednesday was disrupted when a rocket sailed in its direction from the Gaza Strip. The rally was in the township of Ashkelon. It was for the Likud leadership primary-scheduled for Thursday. Netanyahu was evacuated to a nearby bomb shelter as events unfolded. 


When Bibi Netanyahu returned to the rally, he is quoted as saying, “whoever fired the rocket should pack their bags.”, stated by Newser. 


Citing the Times of Israel, the Iron Dome detected the projectile. The Israeli Defense Forces state that the soldiers operating the Iron Dome air cover intercepted the missile and shot it from the sky.  This attack was similar to the one in September. The previous attack was against the premier in the South.


Times of Israel quoted Netanyahu as saying, 

“The person who fired the rocket the last time is no longer with us. The person who did it this time should start packing their things.” The Bibi was referring to last month’s events. The IDF assassinated Baha Abu-al-Ata, an extremist leader who Israel found culpable in the September attack. 


Israel feels that the security situation in the South has escalated to a “badge of shame” for the country’s citizens. When even the government leaders are unable to tour parts of their country without severe threat, it does not speak well to the situation, citing Blue and White chair’s Benny Gantz. 


Radical extremists linked to the most recent rash of civil conflicts in Israel come from Hamas. Citing Telegraph UK, Hamas turns its plea for aid to foreign powers of radical jihad. Hamas extremists use Turkey as a base to plot attacks on Israel. Erdogan has turned his eyes away, allowing them to do whatever they like. Senior Hamas officials are plotting without interruptions from Istanbul. Erdogan has even conducted meetings with Hamas-leader Ismail Haniyeh. This draws further scrutiny from Western powers. It draws down their ire as Turkey continues the offense on the Syrian Kurds. The Turkish position on fostering Hamas has fueled hostilities between the Israeli and Turkish states. 


Hostilities between Israel and Gaza have escalated again after a tenuous ceasefire in Fall 2019, citing Reuters


Citing Foreign Minister Israel Katz, who spoke with Army Radio around the cease-fire, “Quiet will be met with quiet,” suggesting that the Israeli side is desirous for lasting peace. Still, Israel does not believe this will be possible so long as the extremists remain both armed and belligerent.  


Many of those who live in Gaza also seem likewise ready to stall aggressions. Citing Sputnik, protests along the Gaza border will halt until March 2020. This scaling back in their political protests could pave the way to ease of hostility between Israeli leadership and the region. Many innocent Jewish and Arab Israelis have been caught in the crossfires of extremist wars of late. The protests will continue on a monthly basis in March 2020, with the final one for 2019 scheduled for December 27, as stated by Hamas protest spokesperson Talal Abu Zarifa. Zarifa believes that this move will reassert his organization’s leadership role in the territory.  


Also citing Sputnik, Bibi Netanyahu does not believe the Wednesday missile attack was “an attack on Ashkelon or me.” That would infer that this incident was more a random blitz of extremism. 


Citing Haaretz, the IDF responded to the attack at the Likud premier with strikes in Gaza. Combat jets and helicopters struck extremist military compounds  and “several terror targets.” As of today, it doesn’t appear that lasting peace is anywhere near realization. However, we like to dream that someday Israelis_Jewish and Arab alike_will at last reach a permanent placidity in their shared dwelling. 

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