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Cops Arrest Suspect in Stabbing of 49ers’ CJ Beathard’s Brother

By | Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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Pictured above. Midtown Nashville is the home of many tourist sites, such as the replica Parthenon. It is also the scene of a grisly murder for two college-aged young men outside the Dogwood Bar.

Police have a suspect in custody for the stabbing of 49’ers CJ Beathard’s brother.  Citing ESPN, law enforcement arrested a man in the Saturday, December 21 attack which occurred outside Dogwood Bar in Midtown Nashville, TN. Two men were killed. One of them was the brother of the San Francisco QB CJ Beathard, Clayton Beathard. Another was wounded in the incident. 



Michael Mosely, 23, has been captured from a vacant house in Cheatham County on Christmas Day. This concluded a days-long search, citing the Nashville Metro Police. 


Mosely’s bond has been set at $5 million. 

The attack was launched after an altercation over “an unwanted advancement” toward a woman in the bar. The woman was a friend of the stabbing victims. 


The victims including Mr. Beathard were Paul Trapeni III and a 21-year-old student from the University of Tennessee. The third man has not been identified by name. He has sustained wounds to the eye and to the arm. 


Mr. Beathard and Mr. Trapeni were only 22 and 21-years-old respectively when this assault claimed their lives. 


The suspect, Michael Mosley, has been booked on two counts of criminal homicide and one count of attempted criminal homicide for the Saturday morning stab onslaught, citing Metro Nashville PD. The suspect, citing Nashville PD, was arrested from vacant property on Petway Road in Cheatham county. He was found there alone. He surrendered voluntarily after police surrounded the premises. The MNPD, SWAT, TBI, and the US Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force combined forces to take Mosley off the streets. 


Citing the New York Post, Michael Mosley has been convicted of previous felonies. His rap sheet includes burglary, assault, and drug-related charges.  Mosley is 23-years-old. He was escorted via armored vehicle from the scene of his arrest and booked in a local prison facility to await justice. 


The murder of Clayton Beathard at Christmas has torn a hole in the Beathard family right in the middle of the holiday season. The Beathard brothers included QB CJ Beathard and country-music pursuant Tucker Beathard. Their father is the country music songwriter Casey Beathard. 


Clayton Beathard was himself pursuing a career in football, further citing New York Post, following in the footsteps of elder brother CJ who is 26-years-old. Clayton was a QB for Long Island University. 


Citing Nashville Country Daily, Mr. Beathard’s parents, Casey and Susan, released a statement to the Tennessean regarding their late son. In it, they describe Clayton’s profession of Christianity. He was also described as a loyal friend in the following words,


“He had his family’s, friends’ and teammates’ backs event to a fault. I wish he would have been more inclined to take the high road but he hated’ wrong’.” 


It’s a beautiful legacy, young Mr. Beathard leaves. In this Me Too generation where so many women are mistreated in unwanted sexual advances, Mr. Beathard defended women’s rights. His loyalty to his friends was powerful_it was deed above word. Because he was not just a murder victim. Mr. Beathard sacrificed his life in defense of his young lady friend. This is what he will be remembered for_not another casualty of violence_but a loyal friend who stood up to wrong even if it seemed foolish and ended him ultimately. 

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