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Boston Police Investigating After Woman, 2 Young Kids Die Near Parking Garage

by Cathy Drummond

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local   / see Refreshments.

Boston Police are investigating the death of a woman and two young kids near a parking garage in Boston. Details still remain sketchy. But according to CNN a woman and two young kids under the age of five were found dead on a sidewalk near the Renaissance Parking Garage. The Renaissance parking garage is located near Northeastern University before 1:30 pm.

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The vehicle which has been determined was found at the garage. The woman, and the two young kids both under the age of five, death are a mystery.  And according to Kenneth Green, the Chief of Police for Massachusetts Bay, this present set of circumstances is especially heart rendering. The discovery was on Christmas Day. Christmas Day, which represents to some, life. Christmas day, when a Savior for mankind was to be born. And on a day when two young kids under the age of five, and a woman, are found dead. And with no credible forthcoming explanation, yet.

According to another source has reportedly identified the woman as the mother of the reportedly small children. Her husband reportedly called the Police to report that him and his wife had an argument. And she may have been suicidal. However this is still a  developing story.

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And I am sure, in the minds of many who may become aware of this developing story, many questions remain. Especially in the area of potential causes of this very tragic event. However, the only thing available to us as reporters is to just report the facts as being stated. And but also to offer some type of empathetic response to demonstrate that we care too. Care to report the facts. And to care just enough to share some form of empathy. Especially in this particularly sad set of circumstances. And so to the families involved in this yet developing story we send our condolences.

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