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Tesla’s stock just hit a record $420

By Daniel Lehewych

Contributor | Telegraph Local

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After Elon Musk’s appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience in September of 2018 dropped Tesla’s stock, Tesla looked like it was in a bad spot. This was followed by the quasi-public meltdown of Musk, with his appearance in the New York Times, in which he asserted that he was quite overworked.

However, given that Tesla’s stock just hit a record of $420. What this proves is not only is Tesla as a company improving but particular actions by the company (such as the release of new vehicles like the cybertruck). All of this comes after a tangible tumble that Tesla took from Musk’s external life circumstances.

This level of funding was prophesized by Musk a year ago, in an August tweet that stated: “funding secured.” In it, he insinuated that he would take Tesla’s private shares to $420.

Given Tesla’s chaotic year, where its stock prices dropped at least by 36%, this recent stock price is a sign of an upward trajectory for Tesla. $420 is an all-time high in Tesla’s stock price. Now Tesla’s stock is up 26%.

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Despite this upward trajectory, analysists are expecting projections for Tesla a whole for 2019 to be that of a loss rather than that of a gain.

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